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Who is Alain Ducasse and what does he do?

Who is Alain Ducasse and what does he do?

Alain Ducasse. Both chef and creator, Alain Ducasse is, above all, an esthete, an artisan of living and eating well.

What to get from Le Cafe Alain Ducasse?

For an exceptional gift, Le Café Alain Ducasse created for you three kinds of gift sets… From Paris to London, three addresses to share our passion: La Manufacture, La Canopée and Coal Drops Yard stores. Coffee is extracted on site, to be tasted at the counter or on the go.

Where does Alain Ducasse make his dark chocolate?

The Alain Ducasse chocolate Manufacture in Paris. Our A la carte menu features an emblematic dessert made with the purest dark chocolate from the Manufacture.

Why was Madame de Pompadour inspired by Alain Ducasse?

Your lunch or dinner delivered to your home or office the same day. Enjoy the signature dishes of some of our restaurants without having to travel. In 1721, the favourite of Louis XV, Madame de Pompadour, was born. Her coffee mill, exhibited in the Louvre Museum, inspired Alain Ducasse to create the 1721 blend.

When did Alain Ducasse work at Moulin de Mougins?

In 1977, Ducasse started working as an assistant at Moulin de Mougins under legendary chef Roger Vergé, creator of Cuisine du Soleil, and learned the Provençal cooking methods for which he was later known.

When did the Alain Ducasse restaurant in Paris Open?

On 12 August 1996, the Alain Ducasse restaurant opened in Le Parc – Sofitel Demeure Hôtels in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. The Red Guide awarded the restaurant three stars just eight months after opening.

Where to find Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse Paris?

Our new Comptoirs are to be found rue Daguerre, rue des Martyrs and rue Poncelet. Let yourself be surprised by the array of flavours of the Single-Origin dark chocolate Ganaches, the Pralinés “à l’Ancienne” and the Flavored Ganaches…

When did Alain Ducasse leave the Basque Country?

In 2004 Alain Ducasse opened a restaurant in a resort near Biarritz, in the French Basque Country. However, after several bombing attacks by Irrintzi, an armed Basque nationalist organization, which accused him of being a speculator and of “folkloring” the Basque Country, Ducasse decided to leave the Basque Country.