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Who has the most saves in NHL history?

Who has the most saves in NHL history?

Martin Brodeur
NHL Leaders

Rank Player SV
1. Martin Brodeur* 28928
2. Roberto Luongo 28409
3. Patrick Roy* 25800
4. Tony Esposito* 24761

What is the most saves in a hockey game?

Regular season games are known to be less intense. However, the most saves ever recorded belongs to Ron Tugnutt of the Quebec Nordiques – 70 saves in a single game. The game where Tugnutt made his 70 saves took place on March 21, 1991.

How many saves is good in hockey?

A respectable NHL save percentage falls anywhere between 0.900 and 0.920. Anything below 0.900 is generally considered weak, while a value greater than 0.920 is exceptional. Keep in mind that the save percentage is only one of several stats used to measure a goalie’s level of success.

Who is the youngest goalie to win a Stanley Cup?

Thomas Patrick Barrasso
Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. Thomas Patrick Barrasso (born March 31, 1965) is an American professional ice hockey coach and former professional ice hockey goaltender.

What are the best saves in NHL history?

The Greatest Saves Ever Seen from the NHL (HD) – YouTube after noticing i only had one video dedicated to saves, that inspired me to go all out and make a video with some of the best saves of all time. i wanted to

Who are the best hockey players of all time?

10 Best Hockey Players Of All Time. 1 1) WAYNE GRETZKY – C. 2 2) MARIO LEMIEUX – C. 3 3) BOBBY ORR – LD. 4 4) SIDNEY CROSBY – C. 5 5) ALEX OVECHKIN – LW.

What was the longest game in NHL history?

On March 24 of the distant 1936, the Detroit Red Wings (Smith’s team) clashed against the Montreal Maroons in what is still to this day, the longest game in the history of the NHL . The majority of the game went scoreless – Mud Bruneteau of the Red Wings scored the first goal of the game at 16:30 in the sixth overtime.