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Who are the teachers at Haslett middle school?

Who are the teachers at Haslett middle school?

Haslett Middle School language arts teachers purchased over 140 new books for their classroom libraries. Thanks to funds from Kiwanis Club of Haslett-Okemos community sponsors, teachers selected books focused on increasing diverse literacy options for middle school students.

Where did the Haslett middle school bands perform?

The Haslett Middle School 6th and 7th grade bands performed at Lake Lansing Park on May 18. The bands put on an outstanding show for the admiring fans who came out to see them play. The students performed in the Lake Lansing Community Bandshell on a beautiful night!

Where is Murphy Elementary School in Haslett located?

Band teachers brought Haslett High School band members to Murphy Elementary School for the Annual Band Petting Zoo. Fifth grade students were able to learn about different instruments they could play at Haslett Middle School next year.

What did Haslett Public Schools do for Earth Day?

Thank you to all staff members at Haslett Public Schools – you are appreciated! Students from the Ralya Elementary School STEAM class participated in a variety of Earth Day activities in April. The students cleaned up litter from around the playground, weeded the courtyard, decorated the hallway windows, and planted colorful new flowers out front.

Who was John Haslet and what did he do?

John Haslet was perhaps the best soldier Delaware had to offer, and the next best soldier, his good friend Caesar Rodney, rushed to the Continental Army to try and fill his place.

Where did John Haslet win the Battle of Mamaroneck?

Retreating across Westchester County, Haslet’s men won a victory over a corps of Loyalists at Mamaroneck, New York. At White Plains, on October 28, 1776, the Delaware Regiment again fought with Colonel William Smallwood’s Marylanders, reinforcing militia placed on the strategic Chatterton’s Hill.