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Who are the main characters in Kanako Yasaka Touhou?

Who are the main characters in Kanako Yasaka Touhou?

Kanako is based off both Takeminakata-no-Mikoto (建御名方命) and Yasakatome-no-Mikoto (八坂刀売命 ), gods of the Suwa Grand Shrine, which, on the other hand, Suwako Moriya is named after.

How is Suwako Moriya Touhou different from Kanako?

Unlike Kanako, who is technically a divine spirit who once had a human form, Suwako is one of the myriad gods, and thus consists purely of faith. She also controls the Mishaguji, which is one of her main sources of faith from humans. When a portion of her spirit is enshrined, she takes on the form of a frog.

How did Kanako Yasaka Touhou become a god?

One of the gods of Yamato (the precursor of the modern Japanese state), Kanako took over the kingdom ruled by the native goddess Suwako Moriya by holding out a thin vine that immediately rusted all of Suwako’s iron weaponry. However, the inhabitants of Suwako’s kingdom found it difficult to accept their new deity.

Who are the characters in Suwako Moriya Touhou?

Sanae acts as a wind priestess under Suwako and is able to summon her. Sanae is also Suwako’s descendant, though Sanae was initially unaware of the fact. She was presumably present when Kanako presented the Yatagarasu to Utsuho. Suwako was the one who tamed the Mishaguji, and she’s the only one who can control them.

What kind of gift does Kanako Yasaka Touhou have?

She also seems to be rather short-tempered, but she is vulnerable to gifts. Kanako’s ability specifically refers to the element of Qian (乾), the “sky” of Bagua in Taoist philosophy. Qian is associated with creation, leadership, overtness, reliability, and acting first rather than reacting to others.

What does shimenawa mean in Kanako Yasaka Touhou?

Kanako’s shimenawa represents the figure of an entwined snake, which in turn represents resurrection, rebirth, and eternity through the repeated shedding of its own skin. She also possesses onbashira, which she apparently uses in traditional festivals to toss off of cliffs.