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Which magazine has the highest paid circulation?

Which magazine has the highest paid circulation?

AARP The Magazine
AARP The Magazine was the leading U.S. consumer magazine in the first half of 2020, with paid and non-paid circulation of 23.61 thousand. In second place was the AARP Bulletin with 22.67 thousand.

How do you calculate circulation of a magazine?

To calculate total readership, they simply multiply the average net circulation (average gross distribution less returns) by their readers per copy. It’s assumed that anyone picking up a copy of the publication reads or looks at it.

What is circulation figure?

A newspaper’s circulation is the number of copies it distributes on an average day. Circulation is one of the principal factors used to set advertising rates. Readership figures are usually higher than circulation figures because of the assumption that a typical copy of the newspaper is read by more than one person.

Which magazine in 1972 had the highest circulation in the United States?


1972 2014
Rank/Publication Circulation Rank/Publication
1 Reader’s Digest 17,825,661 1 AARP The Magazine
2 TV Guide 16,410,858 2 AARP Bulletin
3 Woman’s Day 8,191,731 3 Better Homes and Gardens

Are there circulation statistics for magazines and newspapers?

Try this database first. Circulation and readership statistics for over 2,800 North American magazines and newspapers from first quarter of 2011 to date. The most detailed source of circulation statistics, including both online and print formats.

Which is the biggest circulation magazine in Australia?

Sarie Kos has fallen to 26 691 from 36 346. Woolworths TASTE is listed as a custom magazine — circulation has climbed slightly to 30 150 from 30 180 (single copy sales: 26 781). Elle Decoration has fallen to 19 906 from 22 793 (total free: 5 061) and SA Home Owner is down to 42 149 from 43 854 (total free: 8 177).

How are magazines in Canada sorted by circulation?

The following list of Canadian magazines is sorted by their circulation totals, as of the first half of 2012, according to data from the Alliance for Audited Media (then the Audit Bureau of Circulations): Hello!

How are German magazines ranked according to circulation?

The following list of German magazines is sorted by their circulation as of the third quarter (Q3) of 2012: The following list of Dutch magazines is ranked according to circulation figures: Bindinc. Bindinc. Bindinc. Bindinc. Bindinc. The following list of Russian magazines is ranked according to circulation figures: OK!