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Which is the best mcgaughys lowering kit to use?

Which is the best mcgaughys lowering kit to use?

All of McGaughys lowering kits & McGaughys Drop Kits have been exclusively designed tested and test fit for exact fitment for your application. McGaughys Drop Kits & Lowering kits are of the highest quality found in the industry today.

Where can I get a mcgaughys suspension adapter?

Shop McGaughys Suspension at Custom Offsets! The selected bolt pattern is different than the stock bolt pattern. An adapter is required to make these wheels fit. Need Help Getting Started?

How long has McGaughy’s suspension been in business?

Mike McGaughy’s Classic Chevy Parts, Inc. / McGaughy’s Suspension! has designed, fabricated, and manufactured thousands of parts for over 37 years!

Who is the leader in suspension lowering kits?

McGaughy’s Suspension is the industry leader in the lowering and drop kits. All McGaughy’s suspension lowering kits are exclusively designed, tested, and test fit for each application. Their lowering kits are of the highest quality found in the industry today.

When did the mcgaughys lowering kits win the General Motors Most Innovative Product award?

In 2003 McGaughys lowering kits won the General Motors “Most Innovative Product Of The Year” award and has gone on to claim many more in the following years.

How big is the drop on a mcgaughys?

I used the 2” dropped spindles in the front along with an additional 1.5” drop using the struts. 7” drop in the back using the flip kit and shocks. Thank you Suspension Shop for you parts availability, fast shipping, and knowledge.

Where can I buy mcgaughys suspension lift kits?

We are not just a online retailer, You can find everything here on our website or visit our retail showroom & installation facility located in Mesa, AZ. With our nationwide buying power Suspension Shop continues to bring you the best chassis components and shopping has never been easier.

What kind of lowering kits do I Need?

These C10 lowering kits include 2/4″, 2.5/4″, 3.5/4″, 3.5/5″, 4.5’5″, 4/6″, 5/7″ and 5.5/8″ drops! With specific kits for you 1960-1962 C10 lowering kits, 1963-1970 C10 lowering kits, 1971-1972 C10 lowering kits & 1973-1987 C10 lowering kits McGaughys store is your trusted choice to drop your C10 trucks!