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Which cruise line is giving away free cruises?

Which cruise line is giving away free cruises?

Norwegian Cruise Line giving away 100 free cruises to 100 teachers. Norwegian Cruise Lines is celebrating educators by relaunching its “Giving Joy” campaign.

Is food free on Bahamas Paradise cruise?

In-Room Dining Get complimentary goodies such as fruit plates, cheese and crackers, sandwiches, and more. Other items are available for an additional cost, including hamburgers, sodas, and assorted snacks.

Is the free Bahamas cruise real?

It’s a legitimate cruise ship — but it’s owned by Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line. Second, as you might guess, the cruise isn’t actually free. The cruise fare is waived, but you still have to pay government taxes and fees up front: $65 per person, when I called.

Is Royal Caribbean giving free cruises?

Royal Caribbean will infrequently offer a contest for a free cruise, but they are few and far between. More commonly, you may find local radio stations or car dealerships offering a free cruise from time to time. The bottom line is contest to offer free cruises are very rare, but they do exist.

Are cruise ships going to Bahamas?

Cruises to the Bahamas are available year-round. Most cruises to the Bahamas last 3 or 4 nights, though some Caribbean cruises visit a Bahamas cruise port as part of a longer itinerary. Most ships that cruise to the Bahamas depart from Port Canaveral or Miami. For a list of Bahamas cruise ports,…

How long is cruise to the Bahamas?

Take a short 3-4-night cruise to the Bahamas from Fort Lauderdale or Miami , and pack your adventure full of things to do and aquatic opportunities of every form, from exploring coral reefs to venturing down a waterslide and swimming with dolphins.

Are there cruise from the Bahamas?

Cruises to the Bahamas are offered year round. Cruise lines have also made a trip to the Bahamas easy for most Americans living on the East Coast, as there are departure ports all over from Baltimore to New York, Charleston and even New Orleans.

What is Grand Celebration Cruise ship?

The Grand Celebration is a Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line cruise ship, originally built for Carnival Cruise Line.