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Which ACME whistle has the highest pitch?

Which ACME whistle has the highest pitch?

The 210 1/2 produces a high pitch note of 5900 Hz and as such is the highest pitch in the standard ACME range.

What does 210.5 mean?

By finer you mean higher frequency; the 210.5 is 5900 Hz compared to the lower frequency of the 211.5 which is 4850 Hz. You can vary the frequency on these whistles by about +/- 20% depending how hard or soft you blow.

What is the best frequency for a dog whistle?

The frequency of a dog whistle However, veterinarians state that dogs hear best at 4,000 Hz, which is well within the range of human hearing capabilities. So, your dog may be able to hear the 35,000 Hz whistle but not as well as you expect, which could be the reason he doesn’t respond well to the silent whistle.

Which is the best Acme whistle for dogs?

Acme 210.5 Whistles are available in four colours. Black, Orange, Purple and Blue. With an ultra high pitch single tone frequency they are ideal for all types of dog training. Acme whistles are the most popular whistles amongst gundog trainers but are equally as suitable for general obedience training.

How much does an Acme Sonec dog whistle cost?

Acme Sonec 3-inch Oblong Dog Whistle 210.5. $9.95. High pitch, no pea, slender whistle. Choose from 3 colors. No risk to you. Your 100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed with our 30 Day “No Questions” Money Back Guarantee. Hassle-free returns & exchanges. Click here to Hear this Whistle. Looking for a lanyard to go with your whistle?

Is there a gundog whistle at dog and field?

Dog & Fields passion and specialism is Gundog training, it’s been a part of our family for many generations, so you can safely say we know a thing or two about the subject, and this is very evident when you look at our extensive range of gundog whistles. Read more

What kind of sound does an Acme whistle make?

High pitch, quiet to users, fitted with a weatherproof pea to provide the famous Acme trill of rolling notes or a variable frequency. A great whistle for close work and a different style of sound for a different command.