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Where is when will you marry?

Where is when will you marry?

Set in an idyllic landscape, NAFEA faaipoipo (When Will You Marry?) explores the psychology of the Tahitians as Gauguin saw them. The Maori title is a provocation, suggesting an emotional situation heightened by the poses of the women, their contrast in dress, and their expressions.

Who bought when will you marry?

Everyone has their price, so the saying goes, and it appears that almost $300m (£200m) was the right price for one Swiss art collector. Rudolf Staechelin was the owner of the painting Nafea Faa Ipoipo? or When Will You Marry? by Paul Gauguin, but it is now thought to have become the most expensive artwork he sold it.

Where is Nafea Faa Ipoipo located?

MADRID (Reuters) – French post-Impressionist Paul Gauguin’s “Nafea faa ipoipo” (When Will You Marry?) painting, reportedly the most expensive painting ever sold, went on display at Madrid’s Reina Sofia Museum on Friday.

Did Gauguin get married?

Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin (UK: /ˈɡoʊɡæ̃/, US: /ɡoʊˈɡæ̃/; French: [ø. ʒɛn ɑ̃. ʁi pɔl ɡo. ɡɛ̃]; 7 June 1848 – 8 May 1903) was a French Post-Impressionist artist….

Paul Gauguin
Spouse(s) Mette-Sophie Gad ​ ​ ( m. 1873; separated 1894)​ Teha’amana ​ ​ ( m. 1891; separated 1893)​

Who is the artist of when Will you marry?

When Will You Marry is a painting produced in 1892 by French artist Eugene Henri Paul Gauguin. One of the well known paintings from Gauguin’s Tahitian-inspired collection recently has become famous as the most expensive piece of art ever sold. The buyer is Emirate of Qatar and amount is near $300 million.

When did Paul Gauguin paint when Will you marry?

When Will You Marry? (French: Quand te maries-tu ?, Tahitian: Nafea faa ipoipo) is an oil painting from 1892 by the French Post-Impressionist artist Paul Gauguin.

Who are the women in when Will you marry?

Despite this, he painted many pictures of native women: nude, dressed in traditional Tahitian clothes, and dressed in Western-style dresses, as is the rear figure in When Will You Marry? . The front and middle ground are built up in areas of green, yellow and blue.