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Where is the Refugee Council of Australia based?

Where is the Refugee Council of Australia based?

As our staff are based in Sydney and Melbourne, we will have limited capacity to attend events in other cities unless expenses can be covered or they coincide with other events (such as our annual consultations) when we are in your area.

Is Refugee Council of Australia an NGO?

We are a nonprofit organisation which is completely independent of government. You can help us keep fighting for refugees and people seeking asylum by becoming a member, donating, volunteering or taking part in our campaigns.

How can I help refugees in Melbourne?

Want to help refugees? Here are ten ways you can.

  1. Donate funds. One of the most effective ways you can help refugees is to support organisations helping children and their communities in need.
  2. Advocate.
  3. Volunteer.
  4. Donate goods.
  5. Support employment pathways.
  6. Create community.
  7. Be a mentor.
  8. Amplify refugee voices.

Is there a Refugee Council of Australia office in Melbourne?

Please note there are no administrative staff or reception at the Melbourne office and staff may not be in the office at all times. For public enquiries, please contact the Sydney office or email us. Can someone from the Refugee Council speak at my event? involve fundraising for, or donations to, the Refugee Council of Australia.

Is there an internship for Refugee Council of Australia?

As we have a small, largely part-time staff, we have limited opportunities for internships in our Sydney and Melbourne offices. From time to time, we may have capacity to take on one or two interns, depending on our priorities and capacity. Internships must result in formal course credit at a university, preferably an Australian university.

Are there volunteer opportunities for refugees in Australia?

However, there are only a small number of opportunities because we do not have many staff and have limited office space. We do not work directly with refugees or people seeking asylum, so if you are interested in helping them directly, please consider volunteering with our members.

When does the Australian government have to release refugees?

The Government must immediately release people seeking asylum and refugees in detention and commit to a pathway for their resettlement by World Refugee Day, June 2021. To stay independent, we don’t accept funding from the Federal Government.