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Where is the Redmond Barry Statue?

Where is the Redmond Barry Statue?

The statue commemorates Judge and benefactor Sir Redmond Barry (1813 – 1880) who was the founder of the State Library….Location.

Address: 328 Swanston Street, State Library, Melbourne, 3000
State: VIC
Area: AUS

What did Ned Kelly say to Redmond Barry?

When he sentenced Kelly to death by hanging, Barry uttered the customary words “May God have mercy on your soul”. According to the transcripts, Kelly replied “I will go a little further than that, and say I will see you there when I go”.

Where is Redmond Barry from?

Redmond Barry/Place of birth
Redmond Barry, n.d. Sir Redmond Barry (1813-1880), judge, was born on 7 June 1813 at Ballyclough, County Cork, Ireland, the third son of Major-General Henry Green Barry and his wife Phoebe, née Drought. Brought up an Anglican, he was educated first at ‘Old Curtain’s’ private academy on the shores of Cork Harbour.

Who sentenced Ned Kelly?

Redmond Barry
On 28-29 October 1880 at Melbourne Kelly was tried for the murder of Constable Thomas Lonigan at Stringybark Creek. He was found guilty and the judge, Redmond Barry, sentenced him to death. Despite strong agitation for a reprieve Kelly was hanged at the Melbourne gaol on 11 November. He met his end without fear.

Where was the statue of Sir Redmond Barry erected?

Mebourne, Tuesday. The ceremony of unveiling the statue of the late Sir Redmond Barry, recently erected in front of the Public Library, was performed this afternoon by the Governor in front of a large concourse of spectators.

Who was Sir Redmond Barry and what did he do?

The statue commemorates Judge and benefactor Sir Redmond Barry (1813 – 1880) who was the founder of the State Library. A plaque was added in 1980 to commemorate the centenary of his death in 1880.

Where is the Redmond Barry Building in Melbourne?

The University of Melbourne of which he was the first Chancellor has a Redmond Barry building named for him. A plaque marking the location of Sir Redmond Barry’s residence is located near the corner of Josephine Avenue and High Street Road in Mount Waverley.

What did Redmond Barry do for Melbourne Public Library?

Sir Redmond Barry virtually single-handedly planned the Melbourne Public Library building and its contents. He had a ‘hands-on’ approach personally writing book selection and acquisition procedures – even to getting his hands dirty shelving books for the Library’s 1856 opening.