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Where do you park for the Caledon Trailway?

Where do you park for the Caledon Trailway?


  • Ken Whillans Resource Management Area, 16026 Hurontario Street (Hwy.
  • Caledon East Community Complex, 6215 Old Church Road.
  • Caledon Equestrian Park, 200 Pine Avenue, Palgrave.
  • Lloyd Wilson Arena, 15551 McLaughlin Road, Inglewood.

How long is Caledon Trailway?

35 km
Description: Spanning Caledon from Terra Cotta to Palgrave, this 35 km multi-use trail follows an abandoned rail line built in 1877.

What is the Caledon tract?

The Caledon Trailway is a multi-use trail that crosses major landscape features in our community, including: The Humber and Credit Rivers. The Oak Ridges Moraine. Niagara Escarpment.

How long is the Elora Cataract trail?

47 kilometre
The 47 kilometre (29 mile) Elora Cataract Trailway links the Grand and Credit watersheds and follows the old Canadian Pacific railroad bed. It runs through rolling countryside east of Elora, through the historic community of Fergus and past Belwood Lake to the Forks of Credit Provincial Park at Cataract.

Where does the Caledon trail start and end?

The trail has become a popular year-round destination for cycling, walking and horseback riding. The Caledon Trailway is a popular multi-use trail connecting the villages of Terra Cotta, Cheltenham, Inglewood, Caledon East and Palgrave, ending at Hwy. #9. It continues into Simcoe County as the Trans Canada Trail (The Great Trail).

What to do in Caledon for the weekend?

Caledon offers a wide range of possibilities for the cycling enthusiast, we’d highly recommend coming for the weekend and checking out: Enjoy the Caledon Trailway as part of a larger ride. The trail is part of the new provincial cycling route from Northumberland to Niagara, the Greenbelt Route.

Is there parking in the town of Caledon?

*Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) and the Town of Caledon permit those using the Caledon Trailway to access the parking lot during daylight hours at no charge. Admission fees apply to visitors using Ken Whillans Resource Management Area. If mountain bike trails are your thing, you can’t go wrong with Albion Hills Conservation Area.