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Where do I park to pick up at O Hare?

Where do I park to pick up at O Hare?

Passengers arriving at O’Hare can be picked up on the lower level, outermost curb. Follow the signs for Arrivals upon entering O’Hare. Curbside waiting is prohibited at O’Hare International Airport. Any unattended vehicles will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.

How much does it cost to park at O Hare?

Parking costs at the O’Hare airport range from $2 per hour at the Hourly Garage to $74 per day for the International Parking Lot.

Where do I park at O’Hare Terminal 3?

Lots A (parking garage), B and C are the best option for short-term parking for a period of less than 3 hours. These lots are located next to Terminals 1, 2 and 3 in order to provide quick and easy walking access to the terminal itself.

Where is the best place to park at O’Hare Airport?

Where to Park at O’Hare: 8 Options for O’Hare Parking. Trying to decide where to park at O’Hare? There are several O’Hare parking options to consider near the airport, including hotel parking, off-airport parking, hourly parking at the terminal, long-term parking, economy parking and more.

How much is long term parking at O’Hare?

Long term O’Hare parking rates are $40 per day at the Main Garage (Level 2-6) and Daily Lot, $17 per day at Economy Lots E, F, and H, and $10 per day at Economy Lot G. Are shuttles offered for Chicago O’Hare Airport long term parking? Yes, free shuttles are offered for both onsite and offsite long term Chicago O’Hare Airport parking.

Where is the economy parking at Chicago O’Hare?

Economy Lot E is located along Bessie Coleman Drive at the southeast corner of Mannheim and Zemke Road. In relation to the terminals, the lot is northeast of the domestic terminals and directly north of the International Terminal 5. The clearance level of Lot E is 10’0″.

What to do if your car is booted at O’Hare?

For any vehicle assistance including a dead battery or flat tires, contact the Parking Garage Office. Chicago’s vehicle immobilization program, or the “boot” program, is enforced within O’Hare parking lots. If your car is “booted”, please call the Parking Garage Office.