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Where did the song The Ballad of Billy the Kid take place?

Where did the song The Ballad of Billy the Kid take place?

Billy the Kid was from a town known as Wheeling, West Virginia; except that he wasn’t. Billy Joel fooled us all. “The Ballad of Billy the Kid” has an epic feel to it as the Piano Man recounts the life, times, and exploits of the 19th-century, Wild West gunman, William H. Bonney – aka Henry Antrim – aka Billy the Kid.

What did Billy Joel write a song about?

Expressing his insecurities about dating a much younger (and taller) woman who was on the brink of superstardom and whom he believed would ultimately leave him, Joel wrote “And So It Goes” for MacPherson. “I remember somebody got a shot of us walking down a beach at Coney Island,” Joel said.

What is Billy Joel’s favorite song?

With that in mind, Joel started with “Vienna,” which Colbert admitted was probably his own favorite Billy Joel song. After that, Joel also named “And So It Goes,” “You May Be Right,” “She’s Right On Time,” and finally, “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.”

What album was The Ballad of Billy the Kid on?

Live In The Studio – Sigma Studios 1972
The Ballad of Billy the Kid/Album

What’s the name of Billy Joel’s song?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia “The Ballad of Billy the Kid” is a song by American singer-songwriter Billy Joel from the album Piano Man. It was also issued as a single in the UK backed with “If I Only Had The Words (To Tell You).”

When did Billy Joel release The Ballad of Billy the Kid?

Please try again later. In 1981, Billy Joel released his first live album titled Songs In The Attic. Listen to Billy Joel perform the track ‘The Ballad of Billy The Kid’ from a live 1980 performance at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Is the Ballad of Billy the Kid A True Story?

The song is Joel’s fictionalized version of the story of Billy the Kid. In an interview from 1975, Joel admitted, “Basically [the song] was an experiment with an impressionist type of lyric.

What can I do to help Billy Joel?

– Hear an encore airing of Billy Joel: An Evening of Questions an… – If you are in need of food assistance, please see their website for current locations s… – The Joel Foundation will be making a series of donations to aid relief effor… – With millions currently staying home, SiriusXM opens access in North America…