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Where can I dig for opal in Idaho?

Where can I dig for opal in Idaho?

Spencer Opal Mine
The small town of Spencer in eastern Idaho is often referred to as “The Opal Capital of America”. After all, it’s here you’ll find the largest opal mine in the state—Spencer Opal Mine—where you can dig for your own opals.

Can you find turquoise in Idaho?

The Turquoise Mountain Mine is near Big Springs, Idaho and is part of the Gallatin National Forest. The Turquoise Mountain Mine is a surface mining operation. The Northern Rocky Mountains physiographic province of the Rocky Mountain System characterize the geomorphology of the surrounding area.

Is there opal in Idaho?

In Idaho, Opal is the second largest contributor to the total value of gem material produced. The varieties produced include precious (white and pink), yellow, blue, pink, and common. The Spencer Opal Mine, the largest privately owned gem stone producer in the State, is the major producer of Opal.

Where can you find blue opal?

Blue Opal is a rare variety of the Opal gemstone which is exclusively found in the Andes Mountains near San Patricio in Peru. This soothing light blue colored gemstone is translucent to opaque in appearance.

Where can I find a blue opal in Oregon?

The blue opal at Richardson’s Rock Ranch is really beautiful and incredibly blue. It is also known as denim opal and is found inside of thunder eggs. It is a blast to dig! Richardson’s is located 11 miles north of Madras, Oregon. There are a lot of different rocks such as agate, jasper, and opal, as well as a super rock shop.

Where are the opal mines located in Idaho?

The Spencer Opal Mine, the largest privately owned gem stone producer in the State, is the major producer of Opal. At Spencer the precious opal occurs as one or more thin layers within common opal partially filling gas cavities within a rhyolite-obsidian flow.

Where can I find gemstones in southern Oregon?

Outlaw Rocks is a mining company in southern Oregon.   We mine Oregon fire opal, Oregon chocolate opal, Oregon caramel opal, Oregon pink opal and Oregon white opal.   All of our gems are mined responsibly.

Are there any fee dig Opals in Oregon?

While for a time Juniper Ridge allowed “fee dig” mining, in which the public could come in and, for a fee, dig for opals, they no longer offer this possibility. It appears that there are no other fee-dig opal mines in Oregon. Those looking for a fee dig mine near Oregon can try the Royal Peacock Opal Mine in Denio, Nev.