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What XHTML code is well formed?

What XHTML code is well formed?

For example, in HTML: word is a well-formed element, while word is not, since the bold element is not closed. In XHTML, and XML, empty elements (elements that inherently have no content) are terminated by putting a slash at the end of the “opening” (only) tag, e.g. , , , etc.

What is XHTML with example?

XHTML stands for EXtensible HyperText Markup Language. It is the next step to evolution of internet. The XHTML was developed by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). It helps web developers to make the transition from HTML to XML….Difference Between HTML and XHTML:

Extended from SGML. Extended from XML, HTML

How do you create an XHTML document?

Creating an XHTML Document in 4 Steps

  1. Use a Text Editor. To begin writing XHTML you must use a plain text editor.
  2. Write Your XHTML. Once you’ve opened your text editor, begin writing your XHTML code.
  3. Save as Plain Text. All XHTML documents must be saved as a plain text file.
  4. Validate Your XHTML.

What do you need to know about XHTML and HTML?

An XHTML document must have an XHTML declaration. The , , , and elements must also be present, and the xmlns attribute in must specify the xml namespace for the document. some content here… In XHTML, elements must always be properly nested within each other, like this:

How to convert an HTML document to XHTML?

You must remember the following important points while writing a new XHTML document or converting existing HTML document into XHTML document: All documents must have a DOCTYPE. All tags must be in lower case. All documents must be properly formed. All tags must be closed. All attributes must be added properly. The name attribute has changed.

How to write a DOCTYPE declaration in XHTML?

Here are the important points to remember while writing a new XHTML document or converting existing HTML document into XHTML document − Write a DOCTYPE declaration at the start of the XHTML document. Write all XHTML tags and attributes in lower case only. Close all XHTML tags properly. Nest all the tags properly. Quote all the attribute values.

Which is the first document type in XHTML?

The XHTML 1.0 is the first document type in the XHTML family. XHTML is almost identical to HTML 4.01 with only few differences. This is a cleaner and stricter version of HTML 4.01.