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What was Alice Nutter accused of?

What was Alice Nutter accused of?

Alice Nutter was one of the group of people tried for murder after being accused of using witchcraft 400 years ago. The two-day trials in 1612 led to 10 people being hanged at Gallows Hill in Lancaster, after being found guilty of causing death or harm.

Are there still witches in Pendle?

Nowadays, witchcraft is no longer a crime. Some of those who were hung are said to still haunt Pendle Hill.

What were the Pendle witches called?

Samlesbury Witches
In addition to the ten defendants from the Pendle locality, the so-called Samlesbury Witches – John Ramsden, Elizabeth Astley, Isabel Southgraves, Lawrence Haye, Jane Southworth, Jennet Brierly and Ellen Brierly – along with Isobel Robey from Windle, near St Helens and Margaret Pearson, the Padiham Witch, were also …

How were the Pendle witches punished?

Like the rest of Europe, the punishment for being found guilty of witchcraft in Scotland was to be burned at the stake as opposed to being hanged in England and Wales, and thanks to James’s fascination witch fever swept through Scotland long before it reached the extent that it eventually would in England.

How old was Alice in the Pendle witch trials?

The 9-year-old, Jannet Device, once again played a key role in the Pendle Witch Trials and sealed a ‘witches’ fate. She claimed she was present at the witches meeting and accused Alice of participating in the coven. Throughout the 2 day trials, Alice acted in accordance with her station in life – demur and respectable.

When did Jennet Device testify in the Pendle witch trials?

He poured himself a little wine and leaned heavily against the mantelpiece, glass in hand, reminiscing on the events of that day and, more importantly, the testimony of that strange little girl… 18-19 August 1612 – Lancaster Castle.

Why was Jennet Device considered to be a witch?

Even a hundred years later, James Hutchinson, the minister of Kilallan, preached to judges that a young girl should still be considered a witch because of the ‘covenant’ she had made through her parents with the Devil. Who was Jennet Device? Jennet Device (probably pronounced ‘Devies’ or ‘Davies’) was the nine-year-old daughter of Elizabeth Device.

Who are the Pendle witches and what did they do?

Alizon Device, her mother Elizabeth, and her brother James were summoned to appear before Nowell on 30 March 1612. Alizon confessed that she had sold her soul to the Devil, and that she had told him to lame John Law after he had called her a thief. Her brother, James, stated that his sister had also confessed to bewitching a local child.