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What traditionally went in a Christmas stocking?

What traditionally went in a Christmas stocking?

A Christmas stocking is an empty sock or sock-shaped bag that is hung on Saint Nicholas Day or Christmas Eve so that Saint Nicholas (or the related figures of Santa Claus and Father Christmas) can fill it with small toys, candy, fruit, coins or other small gifts when he arrives.

Why did Victorians hang stockings by the fire on Christmas Eve?

Saint Nicholas knew the family was very poor, so he threw three bags of gold coins down the chimney. The money landed in the sisters’ stockings. Since then, children have hung up their Christmas stockings on Christmas Eve, hoping to find them filled with gifts in the morning.

What kind of stockings did women wear in the Victorian era?

Some stockings were embellished with lace and embroidered with silk, gold, and silver thread on the cuffs. They must have been very beautiful and yet always hidden under petticoats and long skirts. It makes me wonder if decorated Christmas stockings are based on such extravagance.

What did people do for Christmas in the Victorian era?

Victorian advancements in technology, industry and infrastructure – as well as having an impact on society as a whole – made Christmas an occasion that many more British people could enjoy. One of the most significant seasonal traditions to emerge from the Victorian era is the Christmas card.

What did the Victoria and Albert Museum do for Christmas?

Christmas card showing a boy and girl pulling a cracker, about 1880, England. Museum no. E.2669:357-1953. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London The Victorian age placed great importance on family, so it follows that Christmas was celebrated at home. For many, the new railway networks made this possible.

What kind of stockings did Kate Middleton wear?

Kate acquired her stockings usually from the same hosier, and ordered knit wool made to fit of many bright colours and styles, including patterned and striped. I learned that the stockings were slipped on over the silk.** (Of course when going out to a ball or gala affair she would have just worn hose and dancing shoes, not layers.)