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What teams did Chris Sabo play for?

What teams did Chris Sabo play for?

Cincinnati Reds1996, 1988 – 1993
Chicago White Sox1995St. Louis Cardinals1995Baltimore Orioles1994
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Christopher Andrew Sabo (born January 19, 1962) is a former third baseman in Major League Baseball who played for the Cincinnati Reds, Baltimore Orioles, Chicago White Sox, and St. Louis Cardinals between 1988 and 1996.

What happened to Sabo corked bat?

In a game in July of that season, Sabo shattered his bat and it was discovered to have been filled with cork. Outcome: As a result of the incident, Sabo received a seven-game suspension. Sabo claimed that the bat in question belonged to another player (whom he would not name).

What was Chris Sabo’s number?

He will always be fondly remembered as an intricate part of the 1990 World Series Champion team, and he has been enshrined in the Reds Hall of Fame. We salute Sabo and his unmistakable Goggles for being the best to ever wear the #17 for the Cincinnati Reds.

How old was Chris Sabo when he joined the Reds?

Chris Sabo was born on Friday, January 19, 1962, in Detroit, Michigan. Sabo was 26 years old when he broke into the big leagues on April 4, 1988, with the Cincinnati Reds.

Where was Chris Sabo of the Detroit Tigers born?

Chris Sabo Stats. Chris Sabo was born on Friday, January 19, 1962, in Detroit, Michigan.

When did Chris Sabo win Rookie of the Year?

In 1988, Chris Sabo won the National League Rookie of the Year, the sixth Cincinnati Reds player to receive the honor, their first third baseman. In the history of the award, Sabo was just the fifth third-baseman to win, joining Gil McDougald (1951), Dick Allen (1964), Bob Horner (1978) and John Castino (1979).

How did Chris Sabo get his name Spuds?

Topping everything off was Rose’s conclusion that Sabo bore an uncanny resemblance to Spuds Mackenzie, a bull terrier that was the star of a very popular advertising campaign for Bud Light beer. In short order, “Spuds” Sabo would be a household name to baseball fans everywhere.