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What size is a short projection toilet?

What size is a short projection toilet?

Short projection toilet Whilst toilets with a projection (that’s the distance from the front of the pan to your wall) of between 595mm and 800mm are comfortable for most adults, generally, a toilet with a pan that has a depth of less than 650mm is considered “short projection” and intrudes less on the space around it.

What is smallest toilet size?

Floor-Standing Toilets Above: The Galba Small Toilet is the smallest on our list (it’s said to be the smallest gravity flush floor-mount toilet available) with a 24.5-inch length; $519.95 on Amazon.

What is the smallest toilet size UK?

The minimum size required for a downstairs toilet is probably around 80cm x 140cm, which is what this example is, but could be as little as 70cm x 130cm in some circumstances (assuming only a toilet & hand basin are required).

What is projection in toilet?

A reduced or a short projection toilet means that it has a shorter depth than standard, and therefore does not protrude as far, taking up less floor space. A short projection toilet is ideal for a small bathroom or cloakroom suite.

What kind of toilet seat is Toto s550e?

The TOTO WASHLET S550e Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat with ewater+ and Auto Open and Close Contemporary Lid is an electronic luxury seat that cleanses you with warm water, providing an exceptionally clean feeling.

What are the dimensions of a projection toilet?

These short projection toilets work just as efficiently as their larger siblings – the designers have simply been clever in ensuring no space is wasted. We would class a small toilet as that has toilet dimensions of no more than about 620mm (62cm), although we’ve also included some slimline toilets that are narrower in width than typical.

Do you have to have a close coupled toilet seat?

You can also choose between having a standard toilet seat or a soft close seat, which will create even more comfort. You have no items to compare. VitrA Zentrum Close Coupled Fully Back To Wall WC with Cistern and Seat. Can I collect my order? Yes you can.

Which is the best toilet with reduced projection?

Our space saving toilets in particular have been designed with an plentiful seating area for someone to sit comfortably, While also benefitting from a reduced projection from the wall. Close coupled toilets with reduced projection are ideal for the modern smaller bathroom.