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What size ANL fuse do I need?

What size ANL fuse do I need?

ANL fuses are available from Bussmann in sizes from 35 amps to 750 amps….

Wire Gauge Recommended Maximum Fuse Size
10 awg 30 amps
12 awg 20 amps
14 awg 15 amps
16 awg 7.5 amps

What is a ANL fuse?

ANL fuses are used for general cable protection, providing a ‘medium blow’ (around 1 second) protection. These ANL fuses all feature fixing holes suitable for 5/16″ studs and range from 50 amps to 500 amps. Fuse holders designed for ANL fuses are also available.

What is a 300 amp fuse used for?

They are used to protect the battery bank, inverter and cables from damage caused by short circuits and overloads.

What size are the fuses?

Size groups

Blade size Blade group Dimensions L × W × H
LP-Mini (low profile) APS, ATT 10.9 × 3.81 × 8.73 mm
Mini APM, ATM 10.9 × 3.6 × 16.3 mm
Regular APR, ATC, ATO, ATS 19.1 × 5.1 × 18.5 mm
Maxi APX 29.2 × 8.5 × 34.3 mm

Can I use a 10 amp fuse instead of a 5 amp?

Possibly yes. It is possible to short out a circuit by overdrawing more than 5 Amp by removing the 5 Amp fuse and putting in a 10 Amp fuse.

What fuse should I use for my amp?

The correct size of fuse to use depends on the amp you are wiring. If your amp has an internal fuse, then your inline car amp fuse should be a bit larger. For instance, if your amp has an internal 20 amp fuse, then you should go for a 25 or 30 amp inline fuse.

Do you need a fuse between battery and inverter?

Yes, if your inverter does not have an internal fuse or breaker it is a good safety idea to use one. I got a fuse holder and two maxi-fuses (40 and 80 amp) for about $12 at walmart, it can handle 4awg wire.

What size fuse do I need for 12v?

If this is for general purpose power in a car or boat, I would suggest wiring the 12 volt cigarette socket to the battery with a 20 amp fuse in the circuit. If you use a 10 amp fuse, it may not be a high enough rating for accessories such as air compressors and power inverters.

How many watts can a 10 amp fuse handle?

1200 Watts
Watts = Amps x Volts Examples: 10 Amps x 120 Volts = 1200 Watts.

Can I replace a 10 amp fuse with a 3 amp?

3 amp should be fine. the fuse is mainly there to protect from burning wires. you might try Radio Shack – they would have the fuse in a higher voltage rating (usually 250 volt), but that won’t cause a problem.