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What should you do the day before a 10K?

What should you do the day before a 10K?

Just like your regular warm-ups, a 15- to 20-minute run the day before a race helps improve blood flow to your legs. 2 This can help stave off fatigue during your run. Similarly, a 20-minute jog or relaxed run the day before your 10K race will help keep your muscles loose and ready to perform during your event.

How many days should you rest before a 10K race?

Allow about 7–14 days between your final hard workout and race day. Your body takes about that time to fully recover and benefit from an intense workout. While a marathon taper may begin as early as 2–3 weeks prior to race day, a 5K or 10K taper requires no more than 7–10 days.

What should I do the night before a race?

What to do the night before your big race

  1. Prepare, gather, charge, and organize everything you’ll need on race morning.
  2. Put the finishing touches on your playlist.
  3. Treat yourself.
  4. Consider a beer or glass of wine to help you relax.
  5. Watch something you love, something that makes you laugh, or something that inspires you.

What should I eat the day before a 10K race?

Rather than gorging on pasta the night before the race, which could upset your stomach, focus on eating well-balanced meals throughout the day before the race. For race distances of 10K or shorter, it’s not necessary to carb load, according to Pamela Nisevich Bede, R.D., sports dietitian and coauthor of Run to Lose.

What should you do the night before a race?

So in no particular order, here are 29 things you should do the night before your big race. 1. Drink up. Stay hydrated, especially for longer distance races like the marathon or half marathon. 2. Eat normally. This can difficult if you’re on the road, but try to eat as close to your normal diet as possible. 3. Go to bed at your regular time.

How to prepare for Your First 5K race?

If you’re traveling to a race and have to eat out a day or two before the event, try to find simple, easily digestible dishes that aren’t likely to cause any GI issues. For example, you might opt for a rice bowl with chicken and veggies over sushi. Get ready the night before. Lay out your gear and get as much sleep as possible —aim for eight hours.

When to take caffeine before a 10K run?

If you have adequately fuelled your body the evening and morning before the event, you should have enough stored energy in your body to run your 10K without requiring any extra fuel during. 5. If you are an experienced 10K runner and really want to push for a PB it might be worth thinking about taking caffeine before your run.