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What should we do on Karthika Masam?

What should we do on Karthika Masam?

Do’s and Don’t In Karthika Masam Fasting Rules People should get up at Morning 4am Clean home and Decorate with flowers, Arrange pooja material Take holy bath if possible Dip Near Rivers Or Holy Wate before sunrise Wear Clean and Fresh Dress.

Why people do fasting in karthika masam?

SHIVA temples attract a large number of devotees during this time. Fasting and partaking of sattvic food on KARTHIKA POURNAMI cleanses our body and mind and renews us with new energy. Offerings should be given to BRAHMANAS in the form of rice, jaggery, fruits and milk.

How do you pray Lord Shiva in karthika masam?

Important poojas observed are Ksheerabdhi dwadasi, Ekadasi,karthika deepam or karthika pournami Pooja, lighting lamps near sacred TulasiKota (plant) and doing Nitya poojas to goddess Tulasi and chanting Vishnu and Shivasahasranamams, chanting shiva stotras once in a day, Monday fastings and meditating to Lord Shiva.

How do you keep Kartik fast?

Kartik Purnima Vrat rules

  1. Maintain celibacy.
  2. Rise early.
  3. Those who stay close to the banks of a sacred river may take a dip in its holy waters.
  4. Others may add a few drops of Gangajal while bathing at home.
  5. Wear clean and fresh clothes.
  6. Offer water and prayers to the Sun God (perform Arghya).

Who is fasting on Monday in Kartik month?

Mondays in the month of Kartik is observed as Karthika Somavara Vratam in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka. The fasting is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

What kind of fasting is done in Karthika Masam?

Karthika Ekadasi- Fasting: Ekadasi fasting in Karthika Masam is a common procedure in every household.Lord Vishnu goes to sleep on Ashada Shuddha Ekadasi and wakes up on the Karthika Shuddha Ekadasi in ksheeraSamudra. People fast whole day and break their fast next day offering food and clothes to a Brahmin or Temple Priest.

Which is the most auspicious month of Karthika Masam?

Karthika Masam is considered highly auspicious Festival and a sacred month for worshipping Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu as well as Lord Subrahmanya (Karthikeya) Godess with great austerities. Devotees of Lord Shiva perform the Ekadasa Rudra Abhishekam on this day for the whole month of Karthika Masam.

What do you do On karthika pournami day?

Fasting on Karthika Pournami day is equivalent to fasting on Shiva Rathri.Devotee’s fast whole day. They light a 365 vatthula (cotton wicks) deepam to Lord Vishnu, have Darshan of the Moon and then only break their fast. Newly married woman conducts 33 pournami