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What kind of engine does a Volvo 850 have?

What kind of engine does a Volvo 850 have?

850 non-turbo models use a Bosch LH 3.2 multiport fuel injection system with a EZ129K electronic ignition system with knock sensor, and with self-diagnostic capabilities. Vehicle uses an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) that receives input from engine monitoring sensors.

When did the Volvo 850 platinum come out?

In 1996, a “Platinum” edition of the 850 Turbo was available. The exterior paint for these models came in a metallic pearl platinum-colour and had special 16 inch alloy wheels. The interior was fitted with leather seats and burled walnut accents. Only 1,500 of these were imported for the U.S. market.

What are the sensors on a Volvo 850?

camshaft position sensor (assists control module to determine rate of combustion in cylinders), knock sensors (supply signals indicating engine knock), fuel injection ECU (supplies information on throttle opening, engine load, and coolant temperature. Transmission ECM (supplies signals indicating reduction in torque required prior to gear shift).

How big is the turning circle on a Volvo 850?

The automobile also has a tight turning circle, 10.2 m (33.5 ft), and is considered very maneuverable. By comparison, later large Volvos had a 11.9 m (39.0 ft) turning circle. The estate version of the 850 went on sale in February 1993, on all markets. The 850 saloon features an interior space of 2.80 cubic metres (99 cu ft).

Estates followed in the Spring of 1993 and they quickly began to outsell the saloons, as traditional and first-time Volvo buyers eagerly embraced the new car. Engines were 2.0-litre and 2.5-litre units, with either 10-valve or 20-valve cylinder heads. Original trim levels consisted of SE, GLT or CD, though baseline and S variants were later added.

When did the Volvo 850 T5 come out?

Original trim levels consisted of SE, GLT or CD, though baseline and S variants were later added. A 2.3-litre turbo joined the range in October 1993 and was extremely popular in T5 spec. Keep an eye out for the limited edition T5-R (for Racing) which boasted 250bhp and was very quick. A diesel turbo engine option appeared in October 1995.

What does a Volvo 850 Estate look like?

Volvo 850 Estate GLT 1994 . pictures of car is example of what it could look like with a bit of love and time Services history : carpenters Auto,of Hampton… 850 t5 2.3turbo 221bhp Automatic gearbox 2 owner car Very nice engine, pulls strong, More or less. Been parked up since last mot, front wings are rotten and…

When was the Volvo 850 for sale on Gumtree?

Most people who are looking for a second-hand Volvo 850 look for one from 1997, 1996 and 1995, but the cheapest years on Gumtree from which you can pick a Volvo 850 include 1994, 1995 and 1996. What is the average mileage on a Volvo 850 car?