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What is XLPO?

What is XLPO?

Cross-linked Polyolefin, also referred to as XLPO, is a form of insulation that is created through both heat and high pressure. The most important attribute of XLPO is that it is halogen free. The importance of a halogen free cable is one that it will not emit toxic gases when exposed to fire.

Which is better XLPE or PVC?

Maximum working temperature of conductor: XLPE Cables have higher current rating and longer service life compared to PVC Cables. PVC insulated Cable is 70 Centigrade while XLPE is 90 Centigrade. 2. Waterproof Performance in Application Environment: PVC insulated cable is better than the XLPE insulated cable.

What is the difference between XLPE and PILC cable?

PILC MV power cables are insulated with mass impregnated paper insulation and XLPE MV power cables are insulated with cross linked polyethylene insulation. The paper insulation is currently impregnated with a non-draining compound.

What is XLPE insulation?

Cross-linked Polyethylene, also referred to as XLPE, is a form of insulation that is created through both heat and high pressure. The most important attribute of XLPE is the electrical properties it exhibits. A cable with XLPE insulation is able to carry large currents and high voltages.

What is the difference between PVC and XLPE cable?

The key difference between XLPE and PVC is that XLPE has crosslinks between polymer chains whereas PVC has no crosslinks between polymer chains. PVC is also known as polychloroethane. That is because the monomer used to produce PVC is chloroethene.

What does XLPE mean?

XLPE is acronym for Cross-Linked Polyethelene. It is used as one of the major parts of power cable, particularly in its insulation.

What s the meaning of XLPE cable?

XLPE cable means cross linked polyethylene insulated aluminium conductor armoured cable . In XLPE cable stranded aluminium conductor is first screened in the form of a semi conducting extrusion which provides a smooth conductor surface and prevents formation of cavities at the surface of the conductor when the cable is subjected to bending.

What is the full form of XLPE cable?

Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) is a form of polyethylene (a type of plastic) with cross-links. It is formed into tubing, and is used predominantly in building services pipework systems, insulation for high tension (high voltage) electrical cables etc.