Users' questions

What is TRACE32?

What is TRACE32?

TRACE32 is a set of high-performance microprocessor development tools offered by Lauterbach GmbH. The modular hardware and software solutions support more than 60 processor architectures. A PowerDebug probe is sufficient for accessing the embedded system hardware.

What is TRACE32 used for?

The TRACE32 debugger allows you to test your embedded hardware and software by using the on-chip debug interface. The most common on-chip debug interface is JTAG. A single on-chip debug interface can be used to debug all cores of a multi-core chip.

How do I start TRACE32?

To start T32Start, do one of the following: Click the Windows Start button, and then select T32Start. Navigate to the TRACE32 system directory (by default C:\T32\), sub-folders bin\windows or bin\windows64, and then double-click the t32start.exe.

What is Lauterbach script?

©1989-2021 Lauterbach GmbH. PRACTICE Script Structure. Function. PRACTICE is a line-oriented test language which can be used to solve all usual problems of digital measurement engineering. PRACTICE-II is an enhanced version of this test language, first developed in 1984 for in-circuit emulators.

What is the use of the TRACE32 script language?

The TRACE32 script language PRACTICE is mainly used to perform automatic setups, to automate test sequences or to store the system settings for later recall. This part describes the basic structure and features of PRACTICE.

What is the tutorial about trace32-icd?

About the Tutorial What is it about? This is a tutorial for all hardware-assisted TRACE32 Debuggers (TRACE32-ICD) that are implemented using an on-chip debug interface. The most common used on-chip debug interface is JTAG. Preconditions:

How to set the emulator in TRACE32?

After the boot process, the TRACE32 system is configured by calling the BOOT.CMD file. The con- tent of this file consists of commands from Lauterbach to correctly set the emulator. This file must be adapted depending on the MCU used. Examples of BOOT.CMD files are given in the TRACE32 Boot Command Filesection of this manual.

How does a debugger communicate with a TRACE32 system?

For communication with the TRACE32 system, the Debugger uses the Application Programming Interface (API) delivered from Lauterbach GmbH. This interface (API) communicates via a socket interface with the TRACE32 host driver program. The TRACE32 host driver program just routes the API requests to the TRACE32 system.