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What is the student-teacher ratio in France?

What is the student-teacher ratio in France?

15 students per teacher
The ratio of students to teaching staff is nevertheless relatively high in France, with 15 students per teacher and auxiliary. This ratio is above the average for OECD countries (12) and European countries (11).

What is the ratio for school trips?

This assessment must take account of the nature of the outing, and consider whether it is necessary to exceed the minimum requirements: a ratio of 1:1 may often be necessary on an outing. The assessment must be reviewed before embarking on each specific outing.

What is the recommended pupil/teacher ratio?

A pupil-teacher ratio (PTR) of under 30:1 will be ensured at the level of each school; areas having large numbers of socio-economically disadvantaged students will aim for a PTR of under 25:1,” lays down the policy.

What country has the highest student to teacher ratio?

Education > Pupil-teacher ratio, primary: Countries Compared

1 Central African RepublicCentral Africa 80.12
2 Malawi 74.09
3 Chad 61.27
4 Rwanda 59.28

How are supervision ratios determined for school trips?

According to guidance from the Education Authority, supervision ratios for school trips should relate to: The outcome of a risk assessment. Determining the appropriate level of supervision well in advance of the trip taking place will allow enough time for staff to volunteer to take part in the trip.

Which is correct pupil teacher ratio or primary teacher ratio?

Figures expressed per thousand population for the same year. Pupil-teacher ratio, primary : Pupil-teacher ratio, primary. Pupil-teacher ratio. Primary is the number of pupils enrolled in primary school divided by the number of primary school teachers.

Why do some schools not have a staff to pupil ratio?

There’s often a tendency for schools to be too restrictive or simply not run a school trip due to fears of prosecution if the trip goes wrong, and the belief that a teacher will be sued if a child is injured. Remember, you are not expected to completely eliminate all risks.

How many people can go on a school trip?

This should be taken into consideration when planning your visit. As a starting point, the Education Authority recommends the following school trip ratios. One adult for up to a maximum of six young people. One adult for up to a maximum of ten young people. One adult for up to a maximum of 15 young people.