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What is the standard height for handicap grab bars?

What is the standard height for handicap grab bars?

between 33 inches and 36 inches
The ADA says that grab bars should be installed horizontally between 33 inches and 36 inches maximum above the finished floor to the top of the gripping surface (section 609.4).

What sizes do grab bars come in?

Guidelines for Choosing Grab Bars They come in various sizes, but the most common bars are 18 inches long or 24 inches long and are usually 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Texture is added to some bars for additional safety. Choose a bar 18 inches long or longer for vertical placement at the edge of the tub.

Where should handicap grab bars be placed?

Grab bars can be installed on the back wall and control wall of the shower stall. The ADA recommends that two bars be installed on the back wall, one 8 to 10 inches from the rim of the tub and the other parallel to it 33 to 36 inches from the base of the tub.

What height should handicap grab bars be in a bathroom?

Typically, grab bars in the shower should be installed 33 to 36 inches from the floor of the bathroom (this is according to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Standards). But I would strongly recommend to take into consideration the height and physical capabilities of the person you are installing these grab bars for.

What are the best safety grab bars?

When using grab bars as safety devices in order to prevent falls, your best choice would be a horizontal bar. Scientific research has found that gripping strength is far greater using a horizontal bar than a vertical bar in a fall situation. This makes horizontal grab bars the safest choice.

Why installing grab bars is important?

Installing grab bars in your bathroom can improve safety for everyone, especially individuals with poor balance or limited mobility. The slick materials and wet environment common in bathrooms make them particularly tough to navigate, so a little help from a secure and well-placed grab bar can go a long way.

What is the height of a handicap grab bar?

In all cases, the height of the handicap grab bars can be not less than 33 inches. Also no more than 36 inches from the floor surface. Handicap grab bars requirements for a bathtub with a permanent seat; for a bathtub installation that includes a permanent seat. 2 handles should be mounted on the back wall.