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What is the speed of 4G network in Mbps?

What is the speed of 4G network in Mbps?

Theoretical speeds by network technology

Network Type Download Speed Upload Speed
3G 7.2Mbps 2Mbps
3G HSPA+ 42Mbps 22Mbps
4G LTE 150Mbps 50Mbps
4G LTE-Advanced 300Mbps 150Mbps

What is the speed of 5G network in India?

In India, the download speeds of Reliance Jio Infocomm, which took the lead in 5G testing, has already shown an increase over the last 6 months, according to Ookla. “The operator’s median download speeds have increased from 5.96 Mbps in March 2021 to 13.08 Mbps in June.

What is Jio 4G speed Mbps?

The fresh data provided on the MySpeed portal by TRAI shows that Jio resulted in a nearly three-percent increase in its average 4G download speed to 20.7Mbps in May from 20.1Mbps reported in April.

Which is the fastest 4G mobile network in India?

Vi has the fastest 4G mobile network in India followed by Airtel, Jio Vi offered a download speed of 13.74Mbps and an upload speed of 6.19Mbps to its subscribers in India, which was the highest in the third quarter of the year.

What is the average internet speed in India?

On an average, the 4G speed in India has been measured at 6 mbps (actual experience could be much lower), whereas subscribers in neighbouring Pakistan enjoy internet at a more than double speed of 14 mbps. Algeria is ranked second-last at 9 mbps.

Which is the slowest 4G country in the world?

Despite telecom companies announcing massive rollout of 4G services, the average network speed in India remains the slowest across countries having substantial telecom networks, lagging even Pakistan, Algeria, Kazakhstan and Tunisia.

Which is the fastest mobile operator in India?

Vi India was the fastest mobile operator over 4G in India during Q3 2020 with the fastest mean download and upload speeds among top providers. Airtel followed Vi India with a mean download speed of 13.58 Mbps, while Jio showed a mean download speed of 9.71 Mbps in Q3 2020.