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What is the science behind Jwala Devi Temple?

What is the science behind Jwala Devi Temple?

The Chakra cut Sati’s body into 51 pieces and they fell on Earth on different places. And these places came to known as Shakti Peeth. It is believed that Sati’s tongue fell at the place where Jawala Devi temple is located. This temple is believed to be built by a king Raja Bhoomi Chandra.

Who built Jwala Devi Temple?

King Udit Narayan Singh
This is an age old Ashtagrih temple of Jwala Devi & one of the 51 Shaktipeethas of India….Jwaladevi Temple.

Jwaladevi Temple Jwala Mukhi Temple
State Uttar Pradesh
Country India
Creator King Udit Narayan Singh

Who attacked Jwalaji Temple?

Mahmud of Ghazni
As with all the ancient temples – the antiquity of this temple too goes back into the mists of time. Some say its 1000 years and some say its more than 2500 years old! We know this temple was attacked and looted by Mahmud of Ghazni when he came after the turn of the millennium… 1020~ AD/CE.

Why is there no idol in Jwala Devi Temple?

The temple came to be known as the Jwala Devi Mandir. In this temple, there is no idol because the Goddess is considered to be residing in the form of flames. This temple has nine ceaseless flames that are named as Mahakali, Annapurna, Chandi, Hinglaj, Vindhya Vasini, Mahalakshmi, Saraswati, Ambika and Anji Devi respectively.

Is the Jwala ji temple a statue or a flame?

Unlike any other temple, Jwala Ji temple doesn’t have a statue or an image, but a constantly burning blue flame that seems to come from the rocks. The flame can be seen at various places in the temple and it is burning continuously since first date of its known history.

How old is the Ashtagrih temple of Jwala Devi?

This is an old age Ashtagrih temple of Jwala Devi & one of the 51 Shaktipeethas of India. The old temple is believed to be 1000 years old. The old temple was constructed by Raja Udit Narayan Singh of Gaharwal. The new temple has been built replacing the old one.

How many kilometers from Chandigarh to Jwala Devi Temple?

If you are coming from Chandigarh, the distance that you will cover to reach Jwala Devi temple is 196 kilometers.