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What is the root of the word biochemistry?

What is the root of the word biochemistry?

The word biochemistry comes from the German biochemisch, and both words combine the Greek bio, “one’s life,” and chemical, “relating to chemistry.”

What is biochemistry one word?

At its most basic, biochemistry is the study of the chemical processes occurring in living matter. However, this simple definition encompasses an incredibly diverse field of research that touches nearly all aspects of our lives.

What is the name for biochemistry?

The term biochemistry is synonymous with two somewhat older terms: physiological chemistry and biological chemistry. Those aspects of biochemistry that deal with the chemistry and function of very large molecules (e.g., proteins and nucleic acids) are often grouped under the term molecular biology.

Where can I download biochemistry textbooks for free?

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Which is an example of a root word in chemistry?

APPENDIX 2.2 ROOT WORDS USED FREQUENTLY IN CHEMISTRY root meaning example explanation -ane- single covalent bond alkane, propane alkanes have only single bonds -ene- double covalent bond alkene, polypropylene alkenes have one or more double bonds -ionL process fusion the process of combing or fusing nuclei to form a heavier nucleus

Is the formulation of scientific names based on word roots?

The section on the formulation of scientific names, following the list of word roots, should be of value to the taxonomist who is inter­ ested in naming new species or groups. iii Table of Contents

How big is the Library of biochemistry books?

The rapid pace of discoveries, which shows no sign of slowing, is reflected in the steady increase in the size of biochemistry textbooks. Growing faster than the size of biochemistry books have been the skyrocketing costs of higher education and the even faster rising costs of college textbooks.