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What is the population of Bihar district wise?

What is the population of Bihar district wise?

Bihar is an State of India with population of Approximate 10.41 Crores. The population of Bihar state is 104,099,452….Districts of Bihar.

District Muzaffarpur
Population 4,801,062
Increase 28.14 %
Sex Ratio 900
Literacy 63.43 %

Which district has lowest population in Bihar?

Sheikhpura District
Sheikhpura District with a population of 6.35 lakhs is the least populated district in Bihar.

Which district of Bihar has recorded the highest density of population per kilometre Square as per the 2011 census?

Sheohar district
The population density per square kilometre area too increased signification at a population of 1102 per square km area in 2011 as against 881 in 2001, Senthil said, adding Sheohar district has the highest population density at 1882 and Kaimur, the lowest at 488.

Who is the richest district in Bihar?

After Patna, Begusarai Emerges As District With Highest Per Capita Income in Bihar.

Which is the most populated district of Bihar?

As per the Census 2011, Bihar is divided into 38 districts (zilla) which act as the administrative divisions. Patna is the largest district of Bihar by population, while the least populated district of Bihar is Sheikhpura . Below is the complete list of districts ( zilla) of Bihar sorted by population.

What is the percentage of Yadavs in Bihar?

The population of Yadavs in whole Bihar is 14–15%, none of the so called upper cast’s percentage is beyond 7–8% and non Yadav OBCs, MBCs and Dalits are scattered around many ca A dominant cast is a myth in Bihar.

What was the literacy rate in Bihar in 2011?

Bihar Literacy Rate – Census 2011 The total literacy rate of Bihar is 61.8% which is less than average literacy rate 72.98% of India. Also the male literacy rate is 71.2% and the female literacy rate is 51.5% in Bihar. Bihar Sex Ratio – Census 2011

What is the population of Bihar, caste by caste?

According to the census of 2011 out of 1,210,193,422 ( around 121 crore) Indian we Bihari are 104,099,452 (around 10.4 crore) i.e. around 8.61 % of total Indians. II. Mahadalits* + Dalits (SCs) – 16 % III. Muslims – 16.9% IV. Forward Caste – 17 % VI. Others – 0.4% *include Christians,Sikhs,Jains….