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What is the Navajo pattern called?

What is the Navajo pattern called?

Banded Navajo blankets from the nineteenth century closely resemble Pueblo antecedents. They are woven longer-than-wide, with varied rhythms of striping and color combinations. One common banded style is the so-called Moqui stripe, named with an alternative (and archaic) term for the Hopi Indians.

Why are Navajo rugs so expensive?

Using techniques purloined from the Puebla, the Navajos created tightly-woven blankets of a simple striped design, made from the finest wool around. These Native American blankets were highly valued and very expensive; so much so that they were usually worn exclusively by Native American Chiefs.

Can Navajo rugs be washed?

Do not wash your Navajo wool rug. Many Navajo dyes are water soluble and will run or bleed when wet. Water also causes the fibers to stretch, altering the look and texture of the rug. Do not snap the rug to shake dirt loose.

What is my Navajo rug worth?

The value of a Navajo rug will depend on a few factors, such as how large it is, how old it is, how tight the weaving is, the style, what dyes were used, and what condition it is in. Navajo rugs can range anywhere from $100 for a small one, to several thousand dollars for a large and old one.

Do authentic Navajo rugs have fringe?

Almost all Navajo rugs are made from wool threads, which appear rougher in texture than cotton or linen. Fringe and ridges along the edge of the rug typically indicate a fake. Warp threads that have been cut and run back into the rug will create ridges on the ends. Almost all Navajo rugs are made without fringe.

What is the main type of weaving pattern that the Navajo use?

Typical Navajo textiles have strong geometric patterns. They are a flat tapestry-woven textile produced in a fashion similar to kilims of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, but with some notable differences.

Do Navajo rugs have fringe?

How do you preserve Navajo rugs?

Large Navajo Rug Storage Do all you can to avoid folding rugs because this can damage the fibers and cause permanent creases. If you need to fold Navajo rugs temporarily, protect the folded edges with acid-free tissue and make sure to fold them very loosely.

Can I wash an Indian rug?

Basic and Extended Cleaning √ Avoid machine washing, steam cleaning or ironing. √ Never “whip” or use a beater bar on Navajo textiles. √ Do use a smooth floor attachment to vacuum your rug by hand.

How do you clean a Navajo rug?

Navajo Rug Cleaning and Care

  1. As much as possible, try to avoid high temperatures and high humidity.
  2. Don’t display your rug in direct light.
  3. Periodic vacuuming is essential to remove dust particles and moth eggs and larvae.
  4. Vacuuming should be done with a low-suction canister vacuum.
  5. Never beat or shake a Navajo rug.

Are there other appraisers that look at Navajo rugs?

No other appraiser is in the position of being so fully immersed in the Navajo rug business that does not buy or sell rugs. Because of this, you receive an accurate, unbiased and objective appraisal. I have been in the unique position of being able to examine a multitude of Navajo rugs and other weavings from around the world.

Where can I buy a Navajo rug in Tucson?

Navajo Rug Appraisal Co. Care of Navajo Rugs, Navajo Weavings, American Indian rugs in Tucson. This advice is for all Navajo rugs and blankets both antique and contemporary. Navajo rugs must be properly maintained in order to keep their value and beauty.

Are there any free appraisal services for Native American Art?

WE WILL CONTINUE TO OFFER OUR FREE APPRAISAL SERVICES FOR ONE (1) ITEM FOR ALL OTHER NATIVE AMERICAN ART AND ARTIFACTS. Cash and consignment offers on your items are also given upon request. AAIA, llc provides professional, fully-documented appraisals on company letterhead.

What kind of wool does a Navajo Rug use?

Rugs of hand-spun Navajo wool typically use a combination of aniline and natural dyes as well as natural wool tones. The quality of the wool, of the carding, dying, spinning and weaving all affect value.