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What is the maximum VA disability rating for degenerative disc disease?

What is the maximum VA disability rating for degenerative disc disease?

While the VA diagnostic code has a maximum rating of 50%, it is possible to get a greater rating if you can prove how your spinal condition limits your function and your life. To receive an extraschedular disability rating, you must show the VA why your condition is worse than the 50% maximum.

What does annular fissuring mean?

An annular fissure is a type of discogenic condition that affects the spine. It usually occurs when the fibers that make up the tough outer covering of the intervertebral disc either break or separate. Collectively, these fibers are known as the annulus fibrosus.

Does lumbago qualify for VA disability?

Just like sciatica, when radiculopathy occurs to the lumbar spine, it can cause tingling pain and numbness down to the feet. Lumbar spine radiculopathy can also result in a condition known as foot drop, for which the VA may assign a disability rating of 80%.

Is an annular fissure serious?

Because the outer annular fibrosus ring contains many nerve fibers, tears can be extremely painful. Although an annular tear will normally heal itself over time, it is susceptible to future weakness and tears causing some sufferers to seek the help of doctors or surgeons.

What is an annular fissure in the lumbar spine?

What is an annular fissure in the lumbar spine? An annular fissure in the lumbar spine is a deficiency of one or more layers of the annulus fibrosus (outer covering the lumbar disc). The disc has an inner part, called the nucleus pulposus. The outer part, the annulus fibrosus bascially contains the inner part (nucleus pulposus).

What should I do if I have an annular fissure in my disc?

Since radial annular fissures are the most common type and are always present with disc herniations it’s best to treat annular fissures with the same types of exercises as a disc herniation. Exercises, positioning, and movement work that decreases disc related pain almost always reduces symptoms related to annular fissures.

How can I tell if I have an annular tear or fissure?

The annular tear or fissure is shown in MRI noted to the right as a small white “blip” at the back of the disc. Take a close look at the disc with the arrow. Look at the disc above that region. Notice the small white dot is not present in the disc above.

How long does it take for an annular fissure to heal?

Disc healing times vary widely, from five to twenty-two months. This time frame can be applied to annular fissures as well. Although the fissure may not heal completely. It’s important to focus on movement patterns and exercises that minimize tensile, torsional, and compressive loading through the disc while strengthening the trunk muscles.