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What is the electric field strength of the microwave?

What is the electric field strength of the microwave?

117.2 V/m
domestic microwave oven

Measurand Value Feature
electric field strength 117.2 V/m (maximum)
electric field strength 121.3 V/m (maximum)
magnetic flux density 0.07103 µT (mean, calculated) calculated for 50 Hz resp. 60 Hz
magnetic flux density 0.1–20 µT (maximum) measurement bandwidth: 20 – 2000 Hz

How is microwave power calculated?

Microwave on full power for 2 minutes (120 seconds). Final temperature 30 degrees C. Temperature rise = 30-19=11 degrees C. Therefore, power = 1500 times 11 times 4.1868 divided by 120 = 576 watts.

What is the peak magnetic field strength of these microwaves?

The peak magnetic field strength in a residential microwave oven is 9.20 × 10−5 T.

How do you calculate the electromagnetic field of a microwave oven?

Given its power output and the heating area, calculate the intensity of a microwave oven’s electromagnetic field, as well as its peak electric and magnetic field strengths Anyone who has used a microwave oven knows there is energy in electromagnetic waves. Sometimes this energy is obvious, such as in the warmth of the summer sun.

How is the strength of an electromagnetic wave measured?

Here we need the gain g in terms of power ratio, so the usual gain G in dB must be converted first with: Now, the strength of an electromagnetic wave can be expressed in terms of electric field strength E (measured in V/m ), of magnetic field strength H (measured in A/m) or of power density S (measured in W/m2 ).

How are Maxwell’s equations related to electric fields?

Maxwell’s four equations describe how magnetic fields and electric fields behave. For example, if you wrap a wire around a nail and connect a battery, you make a magnet. Maxwell’s first equation, Ampère’s Law tells us how the magnet will push or pull other magnets.

How to calculate field strength at 100 m?

Assuming that the transmitter has an output power of Pt = 20 W, that the cable has a loss of 3 dB, and that the antenna has a gain of 18 dBi, we can estimate the field strength at 100 m distance. To take into account the loss in the cable, we just have to deduce the 3 dB loss from the 18 dBi gain and use a modified antenna gain of G = 15 dBi .