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What is the difference between revolve cut and extruded cut in Solid Works software?

What is the difference between revolve cut and extruded cut in Solid Works software?

Revolves and Extrudes in SolidWorks are similar in that they both use a sketched profile to make a shape or cut. However, whilst simple bosses extrude this profile along a straight path, Revolves features work in a completely different way – by revolving, or spinning a profile around a centreline.

How do you use the revolved boss in Solidworks?

  1. Create a new 2D sketch.
  2. Create all solid sketch geometry on one side of the axis.
  3. Choose Revolve Boss/Base from the features menu.
  4. Pick the axis you wish to use for the revolve.
  5. Specify direction and angle.
  6. Accept the Feature.

How do you cut a revolve?

To Create a Revolved Cut. The sketched section for a revolved cut must be closed. A revolved feature must contain an axis of revolution. Create an axis of revolution either by sketching a centerline with the revolved section, or by selecting existing linear geometry.

How do you cut a sphere in Solidworks?

How to Make a Sphere in SOLIDWORKS

  1. Select a sketch plane (such as the Front Plane)
  2. Sketch a semicircle.
  3. Go to the Features tab on the CommandManager. Select “Revolve Boss/Bass”
  4. Select the line in the semicircle as the axis of revolution. Specify your revolution amount, then press the green check to generate the sphere.

How to use revolved cut feature in SolidWorks?

First we are going to create a cylinder and then we are going to make a square cut in the middle by using revolve cut feature. Open Solidworks and click on new and then click on part and click ok as shown. Then click on top plane and sketch a circle of 2 inch in diameter as shown and exit the sketch by clicking on exit sketch button .

How are revolved bosses used in SolidWorks?

Revolved Bosses and Cuts are one of the most fundamental features of Solidworks. Along with Extrudes they can used to create a huge variety of models. In this step-by-step tutorial with screenshots, we will explain how to use Revolved Cut in SolidWorks.

How do you revolve a wheel in SolidWorks?

You cant revolve a wheel in real life! Open SolidWorks and start a new part file. First open a sketch on the front plane by right clicking on the front plane and selecting the sketch symbol. Now on the sketch tab that has appeared, select the center circle, or from the dropdown menu next to the circle, choose the center circle sketch option.

What does it mean when sketch is open in revolved cut?

Revolve features can sometimes throw up error messages that seem slightly cryptic at first glance. The most of common of these states, “Sketch is open, self intersecting, or intersects the centreline” This error actually contains three smaller issues, each of which might be a problem. Sketch is open…