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What is the difference between Code 3 and 4 lead?

What is the difference between Code 3 and 4 lead?

Lead codes are actually very simple. Ranging from Code 3 to Code 8 they separate lead into different thickness and weight….What Are Lead Codes?

Lead Code Thickness (mm) Weight (kg per square metre)
Code 3 1.32mm 14.97kg
Code 4 1.80mm 20.41kg
Code 5 2.24mm 25.40kg
Code 6 2.65mm 30.10kg

What thickness is Code 4 lead?

Midland Lead’s machine cast lead sheet is available in codes 1-8 (code 1: 0.44mm, code 2: 0.88mm, code 3: 1.32mm, code 4: 1.80mm, code 5, 2.24mm, code 6, 2.65mm, code 7: 3.15mm and code 8: 3.55mm) and any thickness in between, while rolled lead is available in codes 3-8, and sandcast lead in codes 6-8.

What is the code for lead on a flat roof?

What are the thicknesses of each roofing lead code?

Lead Code Thickness Uses
Code 7 3.15mm Flat roofing, parapet and tapered valley gutters, pitched roofing, dormers, and bay roofs and canopies
Code 8 3.55mm Flat roofing, parapet and tapered valley gutters, dormers, and bay roofs and canopies

What can code 4 lead flashing be used for?

Code 4 lead flashing is used for a range of roofing applications, including soakers, flashings and vertical cladding. It’s 1.8mm thick and weighs 20.41 kg/m2. This makes it a malleable and workable product that can be used easily in a wide range of settings. Code 4 lead flashing from Calder is available to purchase in…

How big is a code 4 lead roll?

If you’re looking for lead flashing, Code 4 will help waterproof your roof for generations. These Code 4 Lead Rolls are 1.8 mm thick (which is an increase of 36%) and weigh 20.41 kg per square metre. This extra thickness means additional resistance to thermal movement which enables you to increase the maximum length of flashing by 50%.

Is the BLM code 4 lead flashing roll recyclable?

Due to Coronavirus, deliveries may take slightly longer than advertised. BLM Code 4 Roofing Lead Flashing Roll is a premium grade, highly malleable and recyclable lead flashing sheet, made for a wide range of flat and pitched roof applications.

Why are code 4 lead sheets used on UK roofs?

Code 4 lead sheet adorns the roofs of many types of building across the United Kingdom because of its ease of use, durability and the pleasing grey colour of its protective patina. Code 4 lead roll is easily shaped, long lasting and flexible in all weather conditions, making it perfect for the UK climate.