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What is the average monthly income in the world?

What is the average monthly income in the world?

That gives you the answer – the world’s average salary is $1,480 (£928) a month, which is just less than $18,000 (£11,291) a year. But these dollars are not normal US dollars. The economists use specially adjusted exchange rates – the average salary is calculated in Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) dollars.

What is the average salary around the world?

The average per capita income worldwide is $10,298, according to the World Bank — and the differences in income between the poorest countries and richest countries in the world is staggering. Per capita annual incomes worldwide range from $280 in Burundi to $82,230 in Norway, with the U.S. in between at $56,180.

What is the average per capita income in the world?

As of 2019, the estimated average GDP per capita (PPP) of all of the countries of the world is Int$18,381.

How is the average wage adjusted for PPP?

The average wage is a measure of total income after taxes divided by total number of employees employed. In this article, the average wage is adjusted for living expenses ” purchasing power parity ” (PPP).

What’s the average salary in the whole world?

Recently, United Nations’ International Labour Organization (ILO) published the average monthly salary or wage for the whole world & the average for 72 countries. For the whole world, the average is USD1,480 per month. The figures are published for the first time.

Where are you on the global pay scale?

The country at the bottom of the average earnings league is Tajikistan, where the average wage is about $2,700 a year – while the country out on top is Luxembourg with average earnings of around $48,000 a year You might think that $1,480 a month, or $18,000 a year, is quite high.

What’s the average salary of a country in Europe?

The countries and territories on the map have a net average monthly salary (adjusted for living costs in PPP) of: ^ “Report for Selected Countries and Subjects”.