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What is Tahzibul Akhlaq?

What is Tahzibul Akhlaq?

The University monthly journal “Tahzibul Akhlaq” a reputed regular magazine, was established by our founder the great, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan as an organ of his educational, ethical and social reforms in December,1870. It has been playing a key role to propagate the Sir Syed’s mission and messages successfully.

When did Sir Syed Ahmed Khan assume the post of chief justice?

In return for his loyalty the British offered him an estate with a large income, but he refused the offer. He was appointed Chief Justice in Muradabad and later was transferred to Ghazipore. In 1864 He was transferred to Aligarh where he played an important part in establishing new college.

What are the thoughts of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan?

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan established the MAO College which eventually became the Aligarh Muslim University. He opposed ignorance, superstitions and evil customs prevalent in Indian Muslim society. He firmly believed that Muslim society would not progress without the acquisition of western education and science.

How do you see the two nation theory of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan?

Sir Syed Ahmed khan is considered as a Father of Two Nation Theory. First time Syed Ahmed Khan realized that Muslim and Hindus cannot live together and considered Muslims as a separate nation and demanded a distinct homeland where the Muslims can practices their way of living according to Islam.

Who was the founder of Tahzibul Akhlaq in India?

Mr. Syed Hamid put his best to bring back the past glory Tahzeebul Akhlaq, started by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. In a short span of time, the journal became popular and made good inroads into the hearts and minds of Muslims and the intellectual community of Muslims of India.

When did Akhlaq Ahmed die as a singer?

His wife, an employee at Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) admitted him at a hospital in London. He died on 4 August 1999, at London. His last film as a singer was Nikah (1998). ^ a b c d e f Sonya Rehman (19 February 2014). “Akhlaq Ahmed: A Voice of Pakistan”. The Diplomat (newsmagazine Japan). Retrieved 17 September 2019.

When was Tahzibul Akhlaq merged with Aligarh Gazette?

From the inception in 1870 till 1881, Tahzibul Akhlaq was discontinued twice and finally in 1881 it was merged with Aligarh Gazette. After a century later, in 1981, a staunch supporter of Aligarh Movement and an AMU alumnus, Syed Hamid, the then Vice-Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University felt the need of Tahzeebul Akhlaq.

What kind of cancer did Akhlaq Ahmed have?

Akhlaq Ahmed spent the last few years of his life fighting the disease of blood cancer which was diagnosed back in 1985. His wife, an employee at Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) admitted him at a hospital in London. He died on 4 August 1999, at London.