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What is Scyldings in Beowulf?

What is Scyldings in Beowulf?

The royal house was known as the Scyldings. Hrothgar was the son of Healfdene and grandson of Beow. Hrothgar’s capital was called Heorot, but the monster Grendel menaced his great hall, killing and devouring many of his thane. Heorot was the centre of the Beowulf’s first adventure.

What does scyld Scefing mean?

Scyld as Ideal King Opening of Beowulf: the life of Scyld. Scyld Scefing (whose name is sometimes translated into modern English as Shield Sheafson) is the great-grandfather of Hrothgar, king of the Danes during Beowulf’s time. The first lines of the epic are devoted to Scyld’s reign and to his elaborate funeral.

Is scyld the father of Beowulf?

Sometimes called Beowulf I or Beowulf the Dane, he ruled the Danes after his father Scyld Schefing. He is not the hero of Beowulf. An old Danish warrior and Hrothgar’s counselor. An early Danish king, he was once great but was moved by pride to suppress and kill his own people.

Who is the son of scyld in Beowulf?


Beow Son of Scyld. Had 4 sons & daughters.
Beowulf Hygelac’s thane. (A Geat or Weder). Son of Ecgtheow, great warrior whom Hrothgar knew.
Breca A young warrior friend of Beowulf. Competed with him in a swimming match.
Eschere Hrothgar’s comrade, closest counsellor & friend. Murdered by Grendel’s mother.

Who are the people of Scylding in Beowulf?

A mention of Scyldingas in the Beowulf Old English Scylding (plural Scyldingas) and Old Norse Skjöldung (plural Skjöldungar), meaning in both languages “People of Scyld /Skjöld” are the members of a legendary royal family of Danes, especially kings.

Who was the king of Sjælland in Beowulf?

Hrothgar the friend of Beowulf and king of Sjælland (Zealand) belonged to the royal house founded by great-grandfather, Scyld Scefing. The royal house was known as the Scyldings. Hrothgar was the son of Healfdene and grandson of Beow.

Who is Skjoldr in the Book of Beowulf?

Skjöldr. Scyld Scefing is the legendary ancestor of the Danish royal lineage known as the Scyldings. He is the counterpart of the Skioldus or Skjöldr of Danish and Icelandic sources. He appears in the opening lines of Beowulf, where he is referred to as Scyld Scefing, indicating he is a descendant of Sceafa, Scyld son of Scef,…

What was the name of Scyld’s ship in Beowulf 33?

After relating in general terms the glories of Scyld’s reign, the poet describes Scyld’s funeral, his body was laid in a ship surrounded by treasures: and launched him alone out over the waves. In Beowulf 33, Scyld’s ship is called is īsig, literally, “icy.” The meaning of this epithet has been discussed many times.