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What is IE6 and IE8?

What is IE6 and IE8?

IE6 (in non-quirks mode): You write CSS for the IE6 limitations (hacks upon hacks) and sleep poorly. IE8 (in IE8/non-quirks mode): You write CSS which is [generally] compatible with other modern browsers and have happier dreams :p~ – user166390 Dec 9 ’10 at 5:57.

What is the difference between IE8 and IE11?

Therefore IE8 offers IE7-compatibility mode, IE9 offers modes for IE8 and IE7 compatibility, IE10 has modes for IE7, IE8 and IE9 compatibility, and IE11 offers modes for IE7, IE8, IE9 and IE10. Between all the browser versions, the compatibility modes are reasonably consistent.

What should I do if header does not work in IE8?

Header and nav background does not work in IE8. It does work in Chrome and FF. What should I do? Thanks! You should apply display:block to the header and nav elements: Put simply, IE8 doesn’t support HTML5 elements by default, but by having this javascript execute (only for IE8 or less) it starts to recognise those elements.

Is the HTML5 tag not working in IE 8?

Internet Explorer 8 and older. FWIW, HTML5 is not supported at all in IE 8 (which hopefully will start disappearing for good soon), but if you do plan on having IE 8 browser of which there are a still quite a few, accessing your site, you’ll need a shim to force IE8 to recognize the new HTML5 tags.

What are the new features of Internet Explorer 8?

One of the newer features found on IE 8 is an accelerator. When you want to learn more about a term or word, simply highlight it, right click on your mouse and choose the option to search. Though this feature is common on other browsers, it is available for the first time on IE 8.

Where is the URL bar on Internet Explorer 8?

The first thing you’ll notice is the simple address bar at the very top. Type in the URL of any site in that bar to access that site. If you visited the site in the past, IE 8 will remember it and show you the URL in a pop down window underneath the address bar.