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What is Forcepoint known for?

What is Forcepoint known for?

Forcepoint is the leading user and data protection cybersecurity company, entrusted to safeguard organizations while driving digital transformation and growth. Our solutions adapt in real-time to how people interact with data, providing secure access while enabling employees to create value.

Who acquired Forcepoint?

Francisco Partners
Austin, Texas-headquartered Forcepoint was acquired in January by Francisco Partners for $1.5 billion after nearly six years as the commercial cyber segment of Raytheon Technologies.

Who acquired Websense?

Vista Equity Partners
Private equity firm Vista Equity Partners announced on 20 May that it had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire website filtering company Websense Inc. for around $1bn.

Did Websense buy Forcepoint?

-based Raytheon acquired an 80 percent stake in Forcepoint, then known as Websense, for $1.9 billion in 2015 from Vista Equity Partners. Earlier this year, Raytheon acquired the remaining Vista stake in Forcepoint for $588 million.

Who is the parent company of Stonesoft Corporation?

Stonesoft Corporation was a public company that developed and sold network security solutions based in Helsinki, Finland. It was publicly owned until 2013 when it was acquired by Intel’s subsidiary McAfee. Stonesoft does business globally, with a regional headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, United States,…

What kind of reviews does Stonesoft software get?

Stonesoft has also received favorable reviews from NSS Labs for both the next generation firewall capability (2012) and the intrusion detection and prevention system. In 2008, the Helsinki Court of Appeal issued a decision in a case brought against Stonesoft and several members of its management team.

What was Stonesoft’s sales in Q3 2012?

Stonesoft Corporation’s product sales for Q3 2012 were circa 5.6 million euros. The product sales grew by approximately 18%. The Q3 net sales were approximately 9.2–9.3 million euros, which equals a growth by14-16%.

When did Stonesoft become a competitor to check point?

It was one of the first technologies certified in Check Point’s OPSEC program. In 2001, Stonesoft expanded its product set into the firewall/VPN space, becoming a direct competitor to Check Point. The StoneGate Firewall/VPN was launched on March 19, 2001.