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What is EuroSCORE II?

What is EuroSCORE II?

Introduction. The European System for Cardiac Operative Risk Evaluation II (EuroSCORE II) is a new tool for the estimation of in-hospital mortality after cardiac surgery recently launched to update the older additive and logistic EuroSCOREs developed in 1999.

What is a high EuroSCORE II?

A EuroSCORE II ≥ 7% (observed in 138 patients [51%]) provided the highest diagnostic value (defined as the sum of the sensitivity and specificity) for predicting high operative risk based on a Logistic EuroSCORE ≥ 20% (70% sensitivity and 75% specificity) and an STS score ≥ 10% (69% sensitivity and 60% specificity).

What is the Euro score?

EuroSCORE (European System for Cardiac Operative Risk Evaluation) is a risk model which allows the calculation of the risk of death after a heart operation.

How is syntax score calculated?

The SYNTAX angiographic grading tool was published in 2005.1 The SYNTAX score is the sum of the points assigned to each individual lesion identified in the coronary tree with >50% diameter narrowing in vessels >1.5mm diameter. The coronary tree is divided into 16 segments according to the AHA classification (Figure 1).

When did the EuroSCORE 2 model come out?

The EuroSCORE II model was published in 2012 by Nashef et al and has been validated by the EuroSCORE Project Group as well as users worldwide. 1 Previous versions of the EuroSCORE model were the additive EuroSCORE I model 2 published by Roques et al in 1999 and the logistic EuroSCORE I model 3 published by the same group in 2003.

What’s the value of the euro in EuroSCORE?

Your EuroSCORE is 0.00. Important: The previous additive and logistic EuroSCORE models are out of date. A new model has been prepared from fresh data and is launched at the 2011 EACTS meeting in Lisbon. The model is called EuroSCORE II – this online calculator has been updated to use this new model.

Which is the best paper for EuroSCORE II?

DOI: 10.1093/ejcts/ezs043 Abstract Objectives: To update the European System for Cardiac Operative Risk Evaluation (EuroSCORE) risk model.

How does EuroSCORE 2 reduce overestimation of risk?

The EuroSCORE II was developed based on a more current patient database and appears to reduce the overestimation of the calculated risk. Relevant definitions and explanations of the risk factors. NYHA classification for dyspnea: I: no symptoms on moderate exertion. II: symptoms on moderate exertion. III: symptoms on light exertion.