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What is decline Code 63?

What is decline Code 63?

This means the customer’s credit card issuer (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, etc.) cannot approve the transaction. More specifically, error code 63 means that the security code on the back of the credit card was not correct.

What does 303 processor decline mean?

303. Processor Decline. Cust. Generic decline—No other information is being provided by the issuer.

What does declined 57 mean?

A decline code 57 appears when a credit card issuer will not permit a transaction because of the card’s configuration. Often, the card issuer will not allow the transaction, as the customer cannot use that specific card for the payment transaction.

What is declined Code 12?

Also known as the “invalid transaction” code, a credit card error code 12 is given when the issuing bank does not accept a transaction. The issuing bank is the bank that gave the customer their card, and a declined 12 code is sort of a catch-all for error codes.

What are the merchant category codes for visa?

MCC MERCHANT TYPE . 5966 Direct Marketing – Outbound Telemarketing Merchant 5967 Direct Marketing – Inbound Teleservices Merchant 5968 Direct Marketing – Continuity/Subscription Merchant 5969 Direct Marketing – Not Elsewhere Classified 5970 Artist’s Supply and Craft Shops 5971 Art Dealers and Galleries 5972 Stamp

How does a decline code work on a credit card?

Our approval and decline codes are structured so that you can quickly determine the type of decline code you’re dealing with: A 00 approval response or a decline response code generated from the credit card processing networks and the customer’s issuing credit card bank.

How many MCC codes are used by Visa?

An improper classification could cause a merchant to pay higher than necessary processing fees. The are approximately 500 different MCC Codes used by Visa and it is important for a merchant to make sure they are assigned to the appropriate code.

What does the code 05 mean on a credit card?

Based on our internal analyses, one of the most common codes that merchants receive is code 05. A declined 05 code comes with a Do Not Honor declined response, which is a general issuer message for blocked transactions.