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What is collective billing in SAP ISU?

What is collective billing in SAP ISU?

The collective bill account is a contract account that is created in the business master data of the utilities industry and that is flagged as a collective bill account. You can use a collective bill account to pay receivables from the accounts that reference the collective bill account.

What is collective invoice in SAP?

Collective invoicing is based on the functions for processing collective bills in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable where, when you post an individual document, this is linked automatically to a collective bill (statistical posting document) that represents the individual document in the subsequent business …

How do you create a collective invoice in SAP?

on the SAP Easy Access screen. The Collective Invoice: Create and Print screen appears. You select the single invoices you want to include in a collective invoice. The system groups the selected invoices by payer under an invoice selection, and displays the created invoice selections.

What is joint invoicing in SAP ISU?

sap “Joint Invoicing is to ensure that IDocs and bills contain the same data during bill creation, it is technically not possible for multiple billing documents to be included together in one invoicing unit.” …

How to invoice a collective bill in SAP?

Invoicing of the collective bill account, that is, grouping of the collective bills created in the first step into a collective invoicing document

How can I create a collective invoicing document?

You can then use the collective invoicing document to create a collective invoicing printout (FI-CA) by means of invoice printing. The collective bill contract partner receives the collective invoicing printout and the related individual invoices (invoices of the individual accounts of a collective bill).

What do you need to know about SAP ISU?

Description: Need SAP ISU functional skills to support Bid to Bill – ERP LEM Project. … solution (COTS) to integrate with SAP to complete the account reconciliation process. … Required: At least two End to End Implementation in SAP IS-U Billing & Invoicing configuration…

Can you go for joint invoicing instead of collective billing?

1) Can i go for Joint invoicing instead of Collective billing, wherein, one contract account would have around 2000 contracts and i would perform normal billing and invoicing for those contracts. 2) What is the implications on other modules like Device management/FICA if i would go for joint invoicing instead of Collective Billing.