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What is cephalothorax with example?

What is cephalothorax with example?

The definition of a cephalothorax is the head and chest on crustaceans and arachnids. An example of a cephalothorax is the head and chest of a crab. The combined head and thorax of arachnids, such as spiders, and of many crustaceans, such as crabs.

What is the function of the cephalothorax?

The cephalothorax or prosoma is the anterior most of the two body parts of arachnids (the other part being the abdomen or opisthosoma). The cephalothorax features the eyes, mouth and legs of the arachnid. The cephalothorax is more rigid than the abdomen and contains the muscles used to operate the limbs.

Where is the cephalothorax found?

The cephalothorax is the first of 2 body parts on a spider. It is a combination of the head and thorax, and on it are found the legs, eyes, pedipalps, chelicerae, and other mouthparts.

Do all crustaceans have a cephalothorax?

Crustaceans have three basic body regions: the head, thorax, and abdomen (although in many species the head and thorax have fused to form a cephalothorax). The appendages of most crustaceans are branched or biramous, with the exception of the first pair of antennae.

What does cephalothorax mean?

Definition of cephalothorax : the united head and thorax of an arachnid or higher crustacean : the united head and thorax of an arachnid or higher crustacean

What is a cephalothorax composed of?

The cephalothorax, also called prosoma, is composed of two primary surfaces: a dorsal carapace and a ventral sternum . Most external appendages on the spider are attached to the cephalothorax, including the eyes, chelicerae and other mouthparts, pedipalps and legs.

What is the cephalothorax of an arthropod?

The cephalothorax, also called prosoma in some groups, is a tagma of various arthropods, comprising the head and the thorax fused together, as distinct from the abdomen behind.