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What is Atelier Interactive acrylic paint?

What is Atelier Interactive acrylic paint?

Atelier Interactive Acrylics are an excellent artist-quality acrylic paint, a traditional fast-drying acrylic colour. You can continue to paint on top and only the new layer will be re-wettable. Used without the Unlocking Formula or with a traditional acrylic medium they are fast drying like regular acrylics.

Where is Atelier paint made?

Atelier Interactive Artists’ Acrylics are made in Australia by Chroma, and distributed worldwide. All colors available in 80ml tubes and 250ml jars, and some in one-liter jars. Dries to a satin or semi-gloss finish, not highly glossy and shiny.

Is Chroma acrylic paint good?

Chroma Atelier Interactive Acrylic Paint is a professional, high quality acrylic paint available in 75 colors. These paints have a wonderful buttery consistency and dry to a rich satin finish with little to no color shift. As you know, acrylic paints do have their drawbacks.

How does chroma Atelier interactive artists acrylic work?

Experience Acrylic Painting Freedom! Unlike traditional acrylic paints, Chroma Atelier Interactive Artists Acrylics do not suddenly form a skin; the entire range of 75 colors changes the painting process, giving you plenty of time to blend and rework your colors.

What kind of acrylics can you buy from chroma?

Chroma’s extensive range of products includes oil paints and mediums, artists’ acrylics and mediums and paints for educational use, as well as paints and mediums for decorative art. Brusho Crystal Colour, White,… Golden Open Slow Drying Acrylic…

Which is the best atelier interactive acrylic for artists?

Available in 80 ml. tubes. Chroma Atelier Interactive Artists’ Acrylics are the only artists’ acrylic that allow artists complete control over drying speed. Atelier Interactive is a fast drying, professional artists’ acrylic with a smooth and buttery consistency. It offers exceptional pigment loading, lightfastness and a velvety satin finish.

How are the mediums arranged in Atelier interactive?

They all have a double function: use with Unlocking Formula for prolonged blending, and use without Unlocking Formula for standard use. The mediums are arranged in a viscosity ladder making it easy for artists to match up the medium to the work that they are doing.