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What is a mayline drafting table?

What is a mayline drafting table?

The Mayline Ranger Drafting Tables are perhaps the strongest four-post drafting table on the market. The Ranger Drafting Table is extremely stable and features a tiltable work surface. Features: All ranger drawing tables have scratch-resistant tops, with steel end cleats, and a front rub rail.

What is a mayline?

MAYLINE Mobile Parallel Ruling Straightedges. Perfect for engineering and construction applications. Every Mayline parallel ruling straightedge begins with a durable, black laminate base inserted with a transparent blade for see-through registration and fine line quality.

Are drafting tables still used?

In spite of the growing use of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) technology among architects and engineers, people in the industry are still using drafting tables to do their work.

Are drafting tables sturdy?

If you have ample space, consider a Four-Post or Pedestal drafting table. Four-Post and Pedestal drafting tables are much sturdier than fold-away tables. Because of the sturdy base, these tables have larger top sizes available but are generally more expensive.

What kind of table is a mayline drafting table?

Mayline drafting table – all manual adjustments. It is a four post light table that has got a solid steel construction and sand beige paint finish. Everyone will be impressed how nicely finished and high quality this drawing table is. vintage mayline drafting table sold this vintage drafting table is a

Where can I get a good drafting table?

Drafting table Mayline professional with tilt top in West Valley City It is a four-post drafting table that has got a naturalist top with gray base and solid steel construction. This product is very solid, nicely finished and high quality. It is a fantastic choice for your home and office.

Are there any old drafting table lights left?

Only 1 left! Vintage Red Architect Drafting Swing Arm Lamp Light Table DeskLamp. Mint Vintage Dietzgen Drafting Table Excellent Condition!

What kind of wood is a drafting table made of?

A drafting table is not only a piece for an artist, it can also be a vintage element of our home. This drafting table constitutes a great proposition for all artistic workshops. It’s made from solid oak with cast iron hardware and is adjustable in height and pitch. Wears some normal traces of use.