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What is a code 0 in sailing?

What is a code 0 in sailing?

A code zero is strictly a downwind sail. A code zero is often classified as a spinnaker in terms of racing, hence the restriction on the length of the mid-girth, but it’s not a true downwind sail. If you’re going downwind, you’ll use either a symmetrical or asymmetrical spinnaker.

How much faster does a Code 0 sail make sailboat go?

Cruising Code Zero for non-overlapping boats Apparent wind speed: 1-16 knots. Approximately 60% of the sail area of a full-size spinnaker and about twice the size of a non-overlapping genoa.

How long should a roller furling line be?

You may lead the furling line halfway down the side deck and directly into the cockpit or almost down to the transom, around a turning block and into the cockpit. As a rule of thumb, we therefore use the boat length, plus 20% as a tail.

How big of a Furler do I need for a code zero?

For mid-sized boats 33-44 feet, a simple direct furler is the best option; for boats over 42 feet, you’ll need a top-down furler to handle the Code Zero which is getting quite big. There are many different companies making innovative furling units for Code Zeros.

Can a code zero be converted to a gennaker furling system?

A Code Zero furling system can be converted to a gennaker furling system by attaching a tack swivel. The tack swivel can be bent straight onto the furler, or attached via an adapter in the jaw of the furler. Using an adapter allows for very quick sail changes, for example, between the Code Zero and gennaker.

Is the code 0 Furler a good sail?

A Code 0, also known as the tight luffed furler, is a great sail, but can be difficult to handle due to its large size and angles. The Code 0 furler is a great way to manage this sail and make using it a breeze. You can hoist the furled sail and deploy it easily and quickly.

What happens when you unfurl a code 0 spinnaker?

The power and acceleration achieved when unfurling a Code 0 or an asymmetric spinnaker is spectacular. It will make your sailing more fun. Simply hoist the furled sail, release the furling line, pull on the sheet and you have added horse power to your sailing and given your crew a positive sailing experience.

What is the difference between a code 0 and a gennaker?

A Code 0, for example, is a gennaker, but a Code 0 is a racing sail, while a gennaker is usually considered a cruising sail. Ultimately, there are four or five different types of asymmetrical spinnakers, with each sail designed for a specific wind angle range. As such it will also be similar to a reaching gennaker.

How do you trim a Code 0 sail?

To trim the Code Zero, ease the sail until it curls, and then trim in an inch. A fair amount of curl can be carried in most de- signs, and, as always, avoid overtrimming. When the sail is loaded, let the helmsper- son drive to the sail instead of making the trimmer constantly work.

What does code zero mean police?

CODE ZERO. Remaining in area may be hazardous to life, health or safety. Administrator will notify all in area of need to evacuate.

What is a code 3 sail?

Code 3 is a medium air reaching sail, used for apparent wind angles near 90 degrees. Code 4 is a heavy air running sail, used in the heaviest winds normally expected.

What is a reacher sail?

The drifter—also called a reacher—is a time-honored, handy, and versatile sail. A drifter generally allows a vessel to sail close hauled and to tack, and it’s very easy to control when set and struck. This sail is essentially a large, powerful, hanked on genoa built of light weight fabric.

What is a code zero spinnaker?

The Code Zero is a cross between a genoa and an asymmetrical spinnaker that is used for sailing close to the wind in light air. The sail is very flat and is designed for close reaching. It has a nearly straight luff, a mid girth about 60-65% of the sail’s foot length.

What is a top down Furler?

A top-down furler operates just as its name implies. It furls the asymmetric spinnaker, or gennaker, from the head down. The bottom portion of the sail is rolled last. The engineering that makes this possible is a free-floating swivel on top of the furling drum to which the sail is tacked.

What is a 10 23 police code?

10-23. Arrived at Scene. Arrived at Scene. Breaking In (In Progress)

What does code zero mean?

Police Under Attack
Code Zero: Police Under Attack.