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What has UAE achieved?

What has UAE achieved?

Establishment of Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. Establishment of Khalifa bin Zayed Charity Foundation. Establishment of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation. Launch of Dubai Cares.

Is Uaeu good university?

UAEU is now ranked #1 in the UAE and in the category of the best #301-350 worldwide universities per the Times Higher Education Ranking of Universities 2020.

Which was the first university in UAE?

United Arab Emirates University
The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) is the first and the largest academic institution in the United Arab Emirates. UAEU was founded by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in 1976.

What is special about Khalifa University?

Khalifa University is the first and only science and technology specific research based university in the UAE. We offer high quality undergraduate and graduate programs, taught by a diverse collection of world-class professors, researchers and academics.

What are the educational achievements of the UAE?

Educational Achievements have thousands of Students. the UAE between the years 1972 1973 up to 1997 1998. become a Centre of learning for future generations. Building institutes ,Colleges and Kindergartens. f2. Constructional Achievements

Which is the first university in the UAE?

The first higher education institution founded in the UAE was the United Arab Emirates University in Abu Dhabi, which was established in 1976. Since 1990, when there were five HEIs, the number of institutions has grown at a rapid pace to more than 70 today.

Who is responsible for higher education in UAE?

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is the government ministry concerned with higher education. The Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA), a department in the Ministry, licenses institutions and accredits degree programmes. Institutions based in free zones do not need to seek CAA approval.

Why was 40 years of progress important to United Arab Emirates?

This analysis, United Arab Emirates: 40 Years of Progress hopes to contribute to a greater appreciation of the nation’s achievements by depicting its historical progression based on statistical information.